Privacy Policy

At Incomes Circle, one of our top-most priorities is to take proper measures to maintain the privacy of our loyal and dedicated readers. The information or data that we gather from our esteemed readers serves the purpose of enhancing their user experience on our platform and providing them with the most authentic and reliable information in an ideal manner based on their likings and interests.  

All About the Privacy Policy of Incomes Circle 

The information we collect at Incomes Circle is solely based on the patterns of activity of our regular and esteemed readers and their provided information. As previously mentioned, this data is only gathered to enhance the online experience of our dedicated users.  

By enhancing the online experience of our dedicated users, we mean showing them blog posts and articles based on their interests or introducing such services or products to them that might concern their liking.  

Having said that, we also make sure that the information we gather from our esteemed readers does not get into the hands of anyone else. It is to be noted that only our highly-personalized staff members concerned with the collection of information have the right to make use of the collected information.  

What Sort of Data Do We Collect at Incomes Circle? 

In order to make sure that the users of our website, Incomes Circle, are getting the best user experience, only collect such information that may be of benefit to us in improving our website’s infrastructure and indirectly to our loyal readers. That being said, it is to be noted that such data may either be provided by the users of our website or collected by third-party platforms.  

Now, one might wonder, what sort of data do we collect at Incomes Circle? The data we collect mostly includes the name, email addresses, phone numbers, contact numbers, and geolocations of our regular users. In addition to this, we might also be interested in gathering the IP addresses of your computerized devices, information concerning your ISP (Internet Service Providers), and other data concerning your operating systems.  

All About the Collection of Cookies  

At Incomes Circle, we make the best use of Cookies, which is the information collected by the web browser of an internet user to improve the experience of a user when they visit the website again. In addition to this, log file data and Clickstream are also gathered to analyze and enhance the experience of our highly-dedicated users without having to compromise on their anonymity.  

Whatsoever, we always ask for the consent of our regular users before employing the use of cookies on them. The best part is that one can also disable the cookies from the settings option in their web browsers.   

Is there Any Involvement of Third Parties? 

Our platform, Incomes Circle, collaborates with third parties to provide product offerings and advertisements. So, it is possible that the third parties with which we collaborate have a different privacy policy than ours. With that said, it should be noted that we do not have any endorsements with such advertisements or product offerings.  

Once you agree to the privacy policy of our platform, we automatically attain the right to disclose the information provided by you to third parties. In such a case, we do not stand responsible for any unethical practice or misuse of such data from the third parties’ side.  

So, we sincerely request our loyal and dedicated readers to read the terms and conditions of our privacy policy carefully in order to learn about the data usage and policies relating to third-party platforms and their product offerings, services, or products.