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Did the clumsy you accidentally knock a glass of water on your cell phone? Or was your cell phone in your pocket when your friend pushed you into the pool? These are a few of the many ways because of which a cell phone can take the last of a few breaths after coming in contact with a liquid. One immediately rushes to a cell phone repair store in San Pedro, California, to give the last shot and save the cellphone from taking those last breaths. There are a few steps that cell phone repair stores recommend doing if your cell phone takes a dip. Let’s have a look at

Things to do in Case of a Dip by a cellphone store in San Pedro California

So, once the cell phone has taken a plunge and you are done freaking out. Don’t frantically start tapping all the buttons or start blow drying the cell phone. Instead

Turn off the cellphone

The cell phone is completely soaked in water, and any electrical charge can fry the motherboard. So, instead of tapping those buttons aimlessly, immediately switch off the phone. This will reduce the chance of a fry-up.

Remove the SIM Card and SD Memory Card

Next, remove the SIM and SD Card. A possibility is that water might have gotten into the tiny openings. Chances are that you might need to replace the SIM Card. It is not a big expense, but losing the SIM is a big hassle.

Dry the cellphone

It is easier said than done. Drying a cell phone might look like a simple step, but it is the toughest and trickiest of all. Start with a microfiber lint-free cloth to clean the components. Deny the urge to use a hair dryer at this moment as the heat and moisture might lead to the corrosion of the hardware. Try removing the cell phone’s back panel and cleaning it with a piece of cloth. 

No, microwaving a cell phone won’t help. The cell phone will only catch fire, converting the cellphone into a piece of dead plastic, which will be dry. Hence, avoid the urge. Instead, try placing it under direct sunlight so the moisture can be evaporated from the heat.

Use a drying agent

After manually drying up the cell phone, you can take it to a nearby mobile repair shop or submerge it into a drying agent like Silica Gel. Drying agents, also known as a desiccant, absorb moisture and induce dryness by absorbing water. There are many types of drying agents available like

  • Couscous
  • Rice
  • Oats
  • Cat litter
  • Chia seeds and more.

These conventional drying agents are not recommended as the dirt and gunk accompanying these materials can enter the cellphone through various openings and do more harm than good.

Lastly, don’t seal the bag after placing the cellphone in the drying agent, as the intention is to dry up the cellphone by evaporating water rather than locking in the moisture.

What else to do if everything else fails?

Even after all these steps, if the cell phone is not switching on, it is best to visit a cell phone repair store in San Pedro, California, like Nice Device, and let the expert technicians do their trick. The same goes for tablets and laptops. Still, it is always advisable not to tackle such situations yourself and instead visit a mobile repair shop and prevent yourself from doing more harm than good.

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