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If you’re among the billion users who are active on Facebook, You’ve probably seen a recent increase in videos taking the place of the News Feed.(followers on facebook) If you’re anything like me, you’ve noticed this change in content improves your Facebook user experience in all cases.Many marketers are getting aware of this effective media format and are rapidly jumping on the bandwagon of video to offer their audience what they need. In addition to providing an authentic brand experience, the video’s ability to can be converted. Click Here 

According to Adobe, the people who watch video content are 1.81X greater likely to buy than people who do not watch videos.

But being noticed on Facebook isn’t as easy as making yourself known at Times Square on New Year’s Eve…unless you’re Carson Daly. How can you be The Carson Daly of Facebook?

Complete guide to Facebook video ads

  • What are Facebook’s video ads?
  • The reasons you should run Facebook video ads
  • How do I configure Facebook video ads
  • Six ways to make the most out of Facebook video ads

Let’s get started!

What Are Facebook Video Ads?

As you probably guessed, Facebook video ads are Facebook ads that are in the form of videos. Instead of writing the text in a blurb or uploading an image, you’ll have to either make your video at home, collaborate with a videographer to create one or utilize an existing video to transfer to the Facebook native player. You’ll then be able to customize the description of the video, the thumbnail budget, and the audience that you’ll be serving the advertisement.buying followers on facebook

Why Should You Run Facebook Video Ads?

Facebook videos are the best method to ensure that users will remember your brand and keep coming to your website. Video isn’t just a trend on Facebook; It’s a method that helps engage and convert site visitors and push leads further down the funnel of marketing campaigns, as well as increase engagement across various social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Periscope (which has built an entire social network made the live streaming of video).

Based on Sheryl Sandberg, 1.5 million smaller and mid-sized companies posted videos on Facebook in September this year. Also, considering that the average ad revenue for each user US increased by 50% in the last year, it appears that the video ad strategy is successful,” says TechCrunch. how to get followers on facebook business page

How To Set Up Facebook Video Ads

Once you’ve decided to believe in the power of video advertisements, What do you think? How do you get those ads in motion?

If you’re advertising on Facebook, the procedure is very similar. To get start:

Step 1

Scroll up to the upper right corner of the profile page, and choose “Create Ads.”

Making Facebook video ads

Step 2

Choose the campaign goal “Get video views.”

Facebook video ads that are objective

Step 3

Determine your target audience (or choose a predefined audience), your budget, and your ad’s schedule.

Facebook video ads audience

Step 4

Make your advertisement! Here is where the fun begins.

There are many ways to make your gorgeous video. You can upload videos, browse your library, or create an animated slideshow using images. You’ll most likely need to download a video you have already made from your computer or even promote the video you’ve previously published in a natural way. Now, you can do this thanks to Our Shutterstock integration.

making Facebook video ads

Make a note of Facebook’s recommended video specifications before uploading to ensure the best quality viewing experience. An unsuitable format can result in poor playback or black bars if the aspect ratio is not in line.

Facebook video ads recommended specifications.

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Step 5

Then, modify the text above your video, preview it, and watch your views go up.

Six Strategies to Get the Highest Facebook Video Play,

#1 Make sure your videos do not require sound.

It’s not likely that any sound will sound odd until you stop to think about how you use video content on Facebook. Although from time to time it may be at home in your home, users tend to browse their feeds of news to pass the time during their commutes, at an eatery or a public location, or taking a break from work. The majority of times, the sound option isn’t suitable for these circumstances. As people are naturally lazy, the chances of them putting on their headphones to listen to advertising on Facebook are deficient.

Does your video isn’t comprehensible without audio? Include captions! Facebook recently declared that they’d make it easy for advertisers to include captions on their videos since they’ve learned that sound is an issue. Read more

#2: Use CPM bidding to make sure your advertisements are playing automatically

Advertisers may be reluctant to use autoplay in some environments; however, Facebook should not be one of them. Why? There are plenty of distractions on Facebook as it is, and it is essential to keep your attention on the multi-tasking users of your newsfeed as quickly as possible. Playing your videos on autopilot is the most efficient way to achieve this. To be eligible for autopay, you must bid on cost-per-impression (CPM) instead of cost-per-click (CPC).

#3. Get on the right track quickly

I was astonished to discover that Facebook video advertisements can run at least 120 minutes long. This is a tremendous amount of time, and the likelihood of anyone making a two-hour video using a social media platform appears quite unlikely.

At Wistia, we’ve discovered that the length of a video is crucial in commercial videos. After analyzing thousands of video clips, Wistia information showed on average; viewers watch more than 80% of videos in less than thirty seconds. The chart below shows that the longer the video, the fewer viewers are likely to watch it.

Make your videos short that are sweet and engaging for the best results. Things faster. Do you need some video advertising ideas? We’ve got you covered.

#4: Advert video content that’s well-received in other places

Which videos perform most naturally on Facebook?  What is your audience’s favorite thing to see?

Here are some of the issues you need to ask about before creating your video ads. It would help if you looked at factors like engagement and the play rate of your video content across all channels before deciding which videos are worth investing in.

#5: Be granular with your audience

This is a concept covered in Facebook Advertising 101, but it’s also a lesson you need to be aware of when running videos for advertisements. These are expensive. Therefore you should market to a narrow and relevant audience. This will make your way through the noise and concentrate your money on the individuals that are important to you.

#6: Be attentive to and learn from your videos figures

When your Facebook video ads have received many views, it is time to examine the situation and evaluate if the money invested is generating a profit. What percentage of people are watching videos? Do they click on your ads? Visiting your website after watching? Understanding how your Facebook marketing affects your audience can help you develop your video’s production and marketing strategy to ensure your business will be positively impacted. (Check out our latest benchmarks for Facebook advertisements to determine whether your metrics are as they are supposed to be.)

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