Things To Ask When Looking for Top Wedding Photographers



Planning a wedding can be stressful since you need everything going perfectly. Since the wedding will be a one-time activity, you want to capture special moments to make them more memorable. You should hire top Seattle wedding photographers, but first, find out if they are the right fit for your wedding. Here are some questions you need to ask top wedding photographers.

Can We See Your Recent Gallery of an Entire Wedding?

You should verify that your wedding photographer is qualified for the job. Besides asking how long they have been on the job, you should request to see a wedding gallery they have handled recently.

The wedding gallery comprises multiple images and videos, both raw and edited, of a wedding your photographer captured. While it may be another person’s wedding, you will get a good idea of what the photographer can do should you choose to work with them.

You must be sure that you will get beautiful images of your nuptials. Pay close attention to how the photographer captures key moments like exchanging vows, the first kiss, cake cutting, and the couple’s dance.

What Is Your Wedding Photography Style?

Each photographer will try to be unique, so their works will embody a particular style to help them gain a competitive advantage. You need to ask the wedding photographer what their style is so that it matches what you prefer for the wedding. For a clearer picture of what their styles include, you can check out the photographer’s website for things you seek to replicate on the wedding day.

Some of the things to check out include:

  • Specific settings or backdrops that the photographer prefers
  • Ask whether they shoot digitally or use film: This helps you match particular preferences for your wedding
  • Communicate poses or shots you liked and would like replicated at your wedding.

Are You Available for My Wedding Date?

It is common for great photographers to be overbooked, so you need confirmation that they will be available for your wedding date. Confirm both the date and times to get complete coverage. For example, some photographers shoot different weddings on the same day; one in the morning and another in the evening.

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Make it clear when you want them to cover your wedding and that it fits the entire wedding period. This way, you’ll know the photographer won’t outsource the work and helps you book professional services for the main event and reception.

What Backups Do You Have in Place?

What happens on the wedding day can be unpredictable, so your photographer needs a plan to avoid inconvenience. Ask the wedding photographer what backups they have in place if their equipment fails.

Professional photographers will have a spare battery or electricity source for cameras and lighting equipment. They may also carry an extra memory card to save photos in multiple locations and avoid losing them. Such precautions show the photographer’s commitment to offering you value.

What Does the Wedding Package Include?

Wedding photographers serve different client profiles, so they will have unique packages to fit each client’s needs. You should pick a wedding package that fits within your budget to avoid financial complications. Request the photographer for a breakdown of what the package covers.

The charges often cover the number of hours, specific crew, and delivery of print or album photos. Ask the wedding photographer to clarify if you have to pay extra for engagement photos or additional crew members. Other add-ons to consider are over-time hours, travel costs if you have a destination wedding, and pre-wedding events, including the rehearsal dinner.

When Can You Expect to Receive the Photos?

After the wedding, you can hardly wait to reminisce on your beautiful day, so you’ll want to know the time frames for photo delivery. Ask the photographer when you can expect to receive the wedding photos.

Your wedding photographer will spend some time editing the images for the perfect finish, but they should stick to the timeframe as agreed. Request they share teasers soon after the wedding to quell your excitement.

Find Top Seattle Wedding Photographers

Getting high-quality photos for your nuptials makes the event more memorable. Hire top Seattle wedding photographers to cover your big day for amazing photos and videos. Ask the above questions during your consultation to know if the photographer is suitable for you and your event.

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