Tips to Fix a Frozen Phone By Cell Phone Repair Stores in Carlisle, Cumbria



It might be frustrating when your cell phone breaks down because our smartphones have evolved into that handy little portable device that can accomplish many things, including work and entertainment. Do not panic if your cellphone freezes and becomes unresponsive when you are using it. As you’ll see in this blog, there are many easy solutions suggested by cell phone repair stores in Carlisle, Cumbria for unfreezing a smartphone. To get your phone back on the right track, try them one at a time.

Advice By Cell Phone Repair Stores to Fix a Broken Phone

Restart Your Device 

Restarting your phone should be your first step if it freezes and becomes unresponsive. M any background activities cause cellphones to freeze frequently. And occasionally, your smartphone may not even be able to manage the tasks at hand, making the screen appear unresponsive. Restarting your phone, therefore, should be helpful in this situation. If your phone has a replaceable battery, you can remove it instead. Until you’ve seen the Apple logo, press the Power and Volume Down keys simultaneously if you have an iPhone. Rebooting your smartphone should make it responsive.

Free Up Space on Your Smartphone

Limited storage space is among the primary causes of phone freezing. Your smartphone requires storage capacity so that it can occasionally store system and application files. It is advised to have at least 500MB to 1Gb internal storage necessary to keep your phone functioning as desired. If your smartphone previously alerted you about limited storage but you decided to ignore it, you’re undoubtedly experiencing the results now. But, by freeing up some storage, you can unfreeze your smartphone.

First, see how much storage space is still available on your smartphone. Then, to clear up storage space, proceed to remove useless files, applications, and others.

This is how:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down
  • Click on Internal Space.
  • Check the tab for “available,” if it is less than 1GB, delete some files.

Keep The System Updated

It’s also essential to make sure your OS is up to date if you want to prevent reoccurring problems. System upgrades also repair software faults and enhance the performance and security of your phone in addition to adding new features. Running outdated software could cause problems with new applications. In comparison, a new update can include fixes for the issues that are causing your smartphone to freeze.

Here’s how to upgrade the operating system to repair a frozen phone:

  • Open your device’s Settings app.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click.
  • Select Check for Updates. 
  • Download and install any updates that are available immediately as you can.

 Cell phone repair stores in Carlisle, Cumbria also advise you to shut off any unused apps.

Close Unnecessary Applications

In particular, if you have a budget phone, it could freeze because there are too many apps and background processes running. However, simply dismissing those apps can make your phone responsive again.

Most of the phones only require you to close all applications from the recent panel. If not, you might need to explore the phone settings. Let’s see how:

  • On your phone, access the Recent Apps screen.
  • To remove all recently used apps, use the Close icon. As an option, you can remove each app separately.

Visit an Electronics Repair Store in Carlisle, Cumbria

Follow these steps to unfreeze your phone, however, if your phone is still unresponsive, it may indicate a serious hardware issue. Take your phone to a cell phone repair store in Carlisle, Cumbria.  Many reputable and trustworthy stores like Cumbria Tech Repair operate here. Their experienced professionals will ensure that all your tech issues are solved within no time.

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