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Residents of the USA and people who are interested in American politics are quite familiar with the name, Tom CortonTom Corton is a very popular and well-respected American politician who hails from a very competent background.

The Republican has been known for his excellent academics, and his services to the country in the military, and now people witness his intellect as a successful politician. Tom Corton’s official or full name is Thomas Bryant Cotton but he is also referred to as Thomas Martozie, Thomas Carton, or Thomasa as his nicknames. The 45-year-old is a lawyer and politician by profession and his ethnicity is American.

Tom Corton was born on the 13th of May in 1977 in Arkansas, USA and he has recently celebrated his 45th birthday. Tom was brought up at a cattle farm situated near Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. His father was Leonard and his mother was Avis Cotton. Leonard was a part of the Arkansas Health Department and his mother was at first a tutor at Dardanelle Middle School but later became Principal of the institution.

The early life of Tom Corton: Background and Education

Tom Corton


Tom Corto’s childhood was nothing short of challenges as he was speech impaired for more than three years. Who would have thought that this child who has not been able to speak in the initial years of his life would go on to become a US Senator? However, if you have a sister like Sara Corton like Tom did then you might have a chance. Sara, the elder sister of Tom played a vital role in helping his brother gain his speech. She used to translate Tom’s speech and helped a lot during tom’s speech therapies along with her parents.

Tom Corton was an active figure in both his education and co-curricular activities. He went to Dardanelle High School where he excelled in studies and sports. At the time of High School Tom had a height of 6 foot and 5 inches which by default and by passion dragged him towards basketball. Tom used to represent local as well as regional basketball teams where he played as a center. Tom completed his High School in 1995 and further choose Harvard to pursue his passion for advocacy and politics.

Furthermore, Tom pursued a Major in ‘Government’ at Harvard in 1998 and went on to receive an A.B. Magna cum Laude after three years of hard work. Tom applied for a master’s at a very reputable institution, Claremont Graduate University. However, he abandoned the idea in 1999 as academic life was not giving him the type of experience that Tom craved for.

Tom Corton’s Time in the Military

Tom Corton worked as a clerk at the United States Court of appeals and further for a private firm. However, due to Sept 11 attacks he left law practice and joined the military in 2005, and delivered duties there as an Infantry officer for more than 4 years. Tom was in 101st Airborne Division and served his years as a part of the US Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

It took very little time for Tom to stand out even on the ground and after intense action was ranked as captain very soon after joining the army. He was also part of the battalion which played part in the Iraqi Freedom movement and was part of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Afghanistan. Tom received a Bronze Star for his valiant efforts in the army.

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Tom Corton’s Controversy

There was a fair bit of controversy created by Salon which claimed that Tom Cotton was never posted or present physically present to serve as army personnel in Afghanistan. Salon claimed that this tactic was only created for ad campaigns and used as a marketing tool for elections.

Many people claimed that Tom Corton can’t have a Bronze Star as the politician never served in the 75th Ranger Regiment of the US army. People who love and appreciate Tom Corton claim that these news reports are false accusations by opposition benches to malign the image of the US Senator.


Tom Corton


Tom Corton might have joined the army but it was a matter of time before he was going to return to his original passion which was politics. He became a United States Representative in 2012  for Arkansas’s fourth Congressional district.

Moreover, Tom left behind Mark Pryor who was already a two-term Democratic incumbent which is very difficult given that Tom was fresh in practical politics. Furthermore, Tom also became a United States Senator in 2014 when he was only 37 years old.

Tom Corton has received countless honorary medals and recognitions which include his military achievements such as the Bronze Star medal, Ranger Tan, and Combat Infantry badge, and also performed duties with Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetary. Furthermore, Thomas also functioned as a rising personality for McKinsey and Co.

Tom is considered to be among well-to-do and rich politicians. He has a Networth of almost over a million dollars. Apart from being a politician, there is very less known about what other means are there by which Tom earns his livelihood if there are any.

Tom Corton Wife and Kids

Tom Corton


Tom Corton is married to Anna Peckham in 2014 and has been proven to be a bond made in the heavens. The couple has two children namely, Daniel Mark Cotton and Gabriel Cotton. The US Senator tends to keep his private life away from public eyes, be it parents, siblings, or wife and children


Tom Corton lived a life that is full of action and transitions. However, this journey by no means can be considered an easy one. He faced hardships from day one from natural defects to choosing the right path for his life, everything has been a challenge so far. Though it is not anyone’s right to decide if he did wrong or right other than public. But one thing must be considered the US Senator has a long list of credentials to prove his position.

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