Trends to Influence Digital Marketing



BPO services have taken over the world. From non-core business operations like administrative work, accounting, and financial ledgers to core expertise like software modules and digital marketing services, BPO companies can do it all.

Talking about digital marketing services, most of the professional BPO services are a pro in this field. Companies with smaller budgets or lacking competent resources consult BPO companies to straighten up non-profitable marketing campaigns.

Why Efficient Digital Marketing is Important for Businesses?

Everybody knows the answer to this question. Marketing campaigns derive traffic to the website and convert them into leads and eventually into potential customers. It can be done in a number of ways via SEO, blog posts, email marketing, social media campaigns, and the list goes on and on.

However, if you don’t go by Google’s rules, you are not even in the ranking game.

Google algorithms change frequently, and digital marketers especially working in BPO services are well aware of this fact. Also, different trends emerge each year, and not paying attention to them is a huge mistake that may set back business profits.

Here are 5 trends that are expected to change digital marketing in 2019. Check them out.

Pay Attention to Voice Search Services

From the time Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have made their way to homes, online organic searches have become easy.

Keywords play a vital role in digital marketing services. BPO services make sure that the posted content includes relevant and long-tail keywords to better optimize content according to the SEO requirements. However, this technique needs some alteration. Now professional marketers should opt long tail conversational phrases.

Generally, virtual assistants recommend the top-ranked result. Hence, reaching the top of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is only possible when you copy everyday conversational phrases in the content.

Video Engagement is Necessary

Blogs have their worth in digital marketing, but there is something else that is competing well in terms of getting users’ engagement. That is video.

Videos are a very easy way to get a user’s engagement, and this trend is only going upward. The popularity of videos owes big time to social media and smart Internet-friendly devices. In the near future, Google will also notice this user’s behavior of liking videos and reward businesses who’ll offer video content for engagement.

Increased Smart Phone Usage

Even when someone is not able to pay bills efficiently, he still has a smartphone to connect with the whole world. Therefore, digital marketers design marketing campaigns that are responsive and mobile-friendly.

While brainstorming for the marketing session, it is important to also keep mobile-ranking parameters in mind. For Example, Page speed is the mobile ranking factor that has become a priority for SEO specialists.

Non-Credible Information is a NO

In the fast-paced world, information either accurate or false spreads like wildfire. In recent years, we have seen many companies being accused of allowing fake news to spread among their clients.
Hackers and scammers stay in action and so the search engine crawlers have become smart to filter out non-credible information. The practice of publishing content will not be enough to derive traffic to a business website. However, the content with some reference or accredited from a reliable source will be ranked higher.

Focus on Fast Delivery of Information

Information delivery via search ranking is a thing of the past. Now, Google is up for providing information explicitly over SERP. Structured snippets and customized widgets are great tools for this.

If the hired BPO services Providers are able to offer useful content in this way then Congratulations! you can achieve marketing goals in lesser time.

However, the content should be compatible with the top searched keywords to be ranked on Google.
Businesses often fail to develop a striking marketing strategy on their own. Hiring BPO services for this task is a better option to generate remarkable outcomes.

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