Trendy Flower Options For A Bride Planning A Summer Wedding



The summer is a great season to plan a wedding if you want to use flowers. Flowers in bloom have a wide variety to pick from and may be used to provide a sophisticated or more rustic look, depending on the style you’re trying to achieve.

You’ll have many options for bouquets and centrepieces if you stick with in-season flowers. During the summer months, you can get dahlias and sunflowers in addition to the more traditional roses and carnations. As a bonus, in-season flowers are easier for your florist to procure, which means they’ll be fresher and more cost-effective. Buying wedding flowers that are in season in your area is the most cost-effective option. The more popular something is, the more costly it becomes.

Trendy Flower Options For Bride In Summer Season


 It’s hard to go wrong with a peony, with its billowing petals and invigorating perfume, while thinking about summer flowers. It’s no surprise that it’s the first choice of florists for summer weddings. Peonies come in various brilliant colours, including pink, yellow, and white, and are known for their strong scent. In addition, they have a bigger bloom, so you receive more value for your money. It’s important to remember that peonies are only in bloom for a brief period. Wedding florists like to stock up on them during their peak season, which lasts from late spring until midsummer.


 The hydrangea is the perfect flower for an outdoor summer wedding since it is both gorgeous and flexible. Colours range from tones of pink and blue to lavender and white, giving them a wonderful compliment to any colour palette. These fluffy blossoms Hydrangeas are a budget-friendly way to add a luxurious touch to your wedding without going overboard. However, the most appealing aspect of hydrangeas is that they are well suited to a summer wedding.

Gardening Roses in Your Backyard

A gardening rose is one of love’s most romantic and enduring symbols. Simply said, it’s lovely, and it’s aromatic as well. A popular choice for weddings, especially around this time of year, thanks to their wonderful scent, high petal count, and textured appearance. Several varieties of garden roses can be substituted for peonies when the latter is unavailable. Depending on the kind you pick, they might be more cost-effective summer wedding flowers than peonies while still having the same fairytale appearance and feel, making them an excellent choice.


 From powder blue to cobalt blue to navy, the delphinium flower spikes are available in a variety of white and pink variants for that “something blue.” Ceremony and reception arrangements can include delphinium flowers and arm sheaf bouquets.


 With a contemporary touch, orchids are a lovely and stylish choice. There are many colours, sizes, and shapes to choose from, including little orchids, large orchids, and everything in between. A pleasant or rotten aroma might be found in any of the varieties. Wedding bouquets often use white orchids, but pink and purple varieties are also available.


The lily’s trumpet-shaped flowers symbolise purity. It’s easier to find Oriental lilies in the late summer, when they’re available, because of their stronger scent and bigger flowers. While an all-lily bridal bouquet appears modern and dramatic, other flowers such as roses or lisianthus can also be used with lilies.


The Panda Anemone, a white anemone with a black and blue core, will continue to be a popular choice for weddings this year. This flower is a wonderful match for a navy wedding due to navy being a fresh new alternative to black and a fixture in most of our weddings.


Despite its small size, lavender is known for its enticing scent. During the spring and summer months, it’s a sought-after accessory because of its pastel hues, which are popular with couples. When used in a bouquet, lavender adds a relaxing aroma and a pop of purple that instantly transports you to the dog days of summer. It may be used in various interiors, from rustic and traditional to sleek and contemporary.


Choosing roses as the centrepieces for a summer wedding is excellent because they are so popular. There is a large variety of colours to pick from, as well as a variety of styles to choose from. When it comes to wedding flowers, you’ll have no problem finding the exact colour to complement your theme, whether you’re searching for a conventional red rose or something more distinctive, such as a yellow or peach rose,

Aside from the fact that they have a long flowering season, roses are also a safe option for your wedding day. A personal touch may be added to your bridal bouquet by sprinkling rosemary or lavender throughout the mix. Your bouquet will smell wonderful and reflect love, loyalty, and friendship with the addition of these plants.


 For wedding florists and designers, freesia is a perennial favourite because of its diminutive stature and gentle beauty. When it comes to summer wedding flowers, Lahey recommends freesias because of their paler hues and ability to blend with other flowers in a bouquet or arrangement, resulting in a more complex and intriguing design. They also have a lovely, clean scent that makes using them a joy!


Irises are most commonly associated with brilliant purple colour, but they also come in stunning pink, yellow, and white variations. The stems aren’t uncommon to dye in a sunset or ombré pattern. A fruity aroma may be present in certain kinds, while others may not have any perfume. White irises, like sweet peas, give texture and a touch of frill to a bouquet. However, a single bouquet might provide a stunning, entrancing appearance for a romantic wedding. They’re a reasonable alternative for any floral budget, ranging from $1.50 to $2.50 per stem.


 Because they’re native to South Africa and can tolerate the high summer temperatures, these spiky flowers are ideal for beach or bohemian weddings. To get a cool, laid-back atmosphere, combine your proteas with accents such as pampas grass and bleached foliage.

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