Trilogy vs Solitaire engagement rings – Comparison



An engagement ceremony is when you go down on one knee and ask your partner to spend the rest of their life with you. It is a remarkable moment in one’s life and is marked by something that is remarkable as well. A diamond ring. Most people choose a diamond ring as an engagement ring because diamonds stand for true love and commitment. They are also beautiful to look at along with being a meaningful gift for your partner.

There are several designs of rings that one can choose from today. It could be a vintage style diamond ring or more contemporary hidden halo ring. The kind of ring you choose depends on the meaning of it and your partners’ taste. The two most popular designs when it comes to engagement rings is the solitaire diamond rings and the trilogy ring. The solitaire diamond rings are a classic diamond rings whose popularity has not faded with time whereas a trilogy diamond ring is a fairly new design that has been gaining widespread popularity especially after Prince Harry proposed marriage to Meghan Markle using a trilogy diamond ring.

Design features

The design features of a diamond solitaire ring and diamond trilogy engagement ring is very different yet beautiful in its own way. The solitaire diamond ring has a single diamond stone perched perfectly on top of a plain metal band that can be made of gold or platinum. The design is fairly simple and easy to maintain. Trilogy ring as the name suggests consists of three diamond stones where in most cases the centre stone is a little larger that the stones flanking it on either side. It is a statement design with a touch of royalty.


The solitaire diamond ring has always been associated with commitment and fidelity. This is the reason why most people choose it for their engagement ceremonies. The diamond on the solitaire ring is timeless and therefore stands for eternal love, something that the couple aspires to share with each other. The trilogy ring has three stones each of which represents the past, present and future if the relationship between the couple. Both these ring have a beautiful meaning and therefore make a great choice for engagements.


The sparkle of the ring is due to its stone. The more the stones, the more brilliant it will be. The trilogy rings are more brilliant and tend to make a statement as compared to the solitaire diamond ring because of the two extra stones embedded on it. They tend to attract more attention in comparison to the solitaire diamond ring especially when combined with a white gold or platinum band which tends to enhance its brilliance.


The cost of a ring largely depends on the number of stones it has. Since the trilogy rings have more diamonds as compared to the diamond solitaire engagement rings, they are more expensive than them. The amount of extra price that you pay will depend on the kind of diamond and metal you opt for to be a part of the ring.

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