What is Presbycusis in Hearing Loss



What is the definition of presbycusis?

Hearing loss due to age (or presbycusis) is the gradual loss of hearing in both ears. It’s a prevalent problem related to the aging process. About one in three adults over 65 suffers from hearing loss. Due to the gradual changes in hearing, many people don’t notice the changes initially. It usually alters the ability to detect high-pitched sounds like a phone ringing or being notified of the presence of microwaves. The ability to detect low-pitched sounds is typically not affected.

What are the causes of hearing loss resulting from aging?

There are many reasons for hearing loss due to age. It is most commonly because of changes to the following places:

  • In the ear’s inner (most often)
  • In the middle between the ears.
  • Along the pathways of nerves to the brain

Other aspects that impact age-related hearing loss

  • Constant exposure to loud sound (such as music or related noise)
  • The loss of hair cells (sensory receptors located inside the ear)
  • Genetic causes
  • Aging
  • Different health conditions like diabetes or heart disease
  • Some medications can cause side effects, like aspirin. For instance, certain antibiotics.

What are the signs of hearing loss caused by age?

These are some of the commonly reported indicators of hearing loss caused by age:

  • The speech of the other person sounds muffled or blurred
  • High-pitched sounds, like “s” as well as “the”, are difficult to differentiate
  • Conversations are hard to understand, particularly in the presence of background noise
  • The voices of men are easier to hear than women’s.
  • Some sounds can be too loud and annoying.
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear) may be present in both ears or one.

The symptoms of hearing loss could be similar to other medical conditions or disorders. Always seek out your healthcare physician to determine the cause.

How can hearing loss due to aging be detected?

Your doctor may use an otoscope, a scope with light for checking the ear’s canal outside and examining the eardrum. The doctor will search for any damage to the eardrum or blockage of the ear canal by foreign objects or if the ear’s wax is impacted by inflammation or infections.

It is possible to be referred Audiologist, Audiologist or a hearing specialist for an audiogram. An audiogram is a test that plays sounds via headphones, only one ear. The test asks you to answer whether you can hear every sound. If you cannot hear certain sounds, it suggests there’s been some form of hearing impairment.

How does age cause hearing loss management?

Your doctor will recommend the most appropriate treatment based upon:

  • What is your age?
  • Your general medical and health background
  • How sick are you?
  • How well do you take specific medicines, procedures or treatments
  • How long is the condition anticipated to last?
  • Your opinion or your preference

Treatment options for hearing loss could consist of the following:

  • Hearing aid(s)
  • Assistive devices like phone amplifiers or technology that converts speech into text
  • The training in speech-reading (to utilize visual cues to identify the words being used)
  • Strategies to prevent excessive wax in the outer ear

What are the ramifications of hearing loss caused by aging?

If your hearing loss is severe enough, you may require to visit Hearing Aid clinic in Chennai or other aids for communicating with other people.

Can I take steps to avoid hearing loss due to age?

The most effective method to avoid deafness is to ensure your hearing.

  • Reduce the amount of exposure to noise
  • Use earplugs or fluid-filled ear muffles (to protect against further damage to the hearing)

Living with hearing loss related to age

If you are suffering from problems with hearing, your healthcare specialist can refer you to experts in hearing loss, for example:

  • Otolaryngologist. A doctor who specializes in disorders and disorders of the ear as well as the throat, nose and.
  • Audiologist. It is a health professional who is skilled in assessing hearing issues and addressing hearing problems.

The most important points

  • Hearing loss due to age is a gradual loss across both ears. It is a frequent issue that is a result of ageing.
  • If you experience suddenly losing your hearing, visit your physician immediately as it could be the beginning of a major hearing issue.
  • Beware of continuous or constant exposure to loud sounds can protect your hearing and help prevent progressive loss of hearing.
  • It isn’t a reversible problem. Therefore prevention is essential.

Next steps

Tips to ensure you get the most benefit from your visit to your doctor:

  • Before you visit, Make a list of the questions you’d like to be to be answered.
  • Have someone else with you to answer your questions, and remember what your service provider will tell you.
  • During your visit, Write on your list the names of the new medications, treatments or tests, along with any new directions your physician will give you.

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