What is the Procedure for Hiring in the UAE?



In the UAE, recruiting candidates for a job profile is done differently. Normally recruitment is not carried out here. As most local team hires are expatriates, employees need visa sponsorship to live and work in the country. 

Hiring you immigrants is easy but it is also crucial to take into summary the local laws of the UAE. So be well aware of each regional rule and regulation. The business is compelled to be legally registered under the ambition of all laws. Only then can they elect a foreign employee to work for. Look at Here Top Employment Agencies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Keep in mind that the healthcare of employees in the UAE has to be taken care of, so it is a bit of a difficult task but it is also good for everyone’s health care.

These things have to be kept in mind while selecting the candidates by any company in UAE. Know all the important instructions below-

Basic Steps That Every Candidate Must Know 

The following steps are quite important for all. Here you can see all the basic steps- 

Step1: You Need to Establish a Legal Entity

It takes 8-12 weeks for any legal entity to set up and obtain the appropriate business license. During this time, no company can directly sponsor employee visas.

Step 2: Expats Need A Valid Visa: 

All the corporations need to approve the visas of all employees with the residence permits of the United Arab Emirates. This can be considered complex depending on the region’s geopolitical climate. 

In the case of this situation, visa sponsorship transfer from Egypt and Iran can be possible for all workers. Hence it deserves to be handled with care and due care.

Step 3: Financial Compensation Can Include More Than Salary

Compensation is usually paid at a simple flat rate (gross pay). It is split 60/40, 60% is basic pay, and 40% includes housing and car allowance. This percentage will not comprise the grants. 

Step 4 : Payments & Working Schedule- 

If we talk about Salary, then it is available more than other countries. According to the work profile, the salary of the person is fixed to be more or less. So it is hard to explain with confidence about the per capita income budget. Apart from this, if a person is the head of the staff, then his salary allowance can be more. 

Furthermore, it is too crucial to know the daily working hours. Here employees are not given Sunday off, but Friday is chosen as a holiday. Also Saturday is a holiday. That is, we can say that employees have to work 5 days in a week (Sunday to Thursday) at 8 hours per day. Look at Here Top Employment Agencies in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

Procedure of employing a candidate in the UAE-

Various procedures are followed by the company for selection and selection of eligible candidates for the post. But It is necessary to follow some strict labor regulations in the UAE. In business sectors, there are some detailed legal requirements that employers must adhere to regarding their obligations to their employees.  

Nevertheless, Some specific industry areas can barely recruit a particular ratio of candidates in the USA. The percentage of UAE citizens must be maintained.

Overall Procedure for hiring in UAE- 

The procedure of hiring prospects is easy, but you are required to review some significant characteristics. You are expected to review these essential aspects while enrolling – 

1. Documentation: 

Before hiring a foreign worker for any business based in the UAE, two specific documents need to be obtained. First, An Establishment Labor Card ( also known as Work Permit) from the UAE Ministry Of Labor,  and the second is an Immigration Immigration Card. These cards can be accepted through the straightforward online process!

As we remembered, the United Arab Emirates has stringent service regulations. The employing organization is compelled to procure a job agreement and advantages. Employers are not expected to submit personal health insurance, because a government health card for each employee is necessary. 

Employment law also sets out the maximum working hours per week. 

2. Receiving the Job Offer

If we talk about the private sector, accepting a conventional employment invitation to probable workers requires the approval of an employment agreement.  Each candidate must  have their: 

  1. Work permit (Labor card),  
  2. Working visa 
  3. The Company’s Offer letter with whole detail. 
  4. Summarized Contract. 

Both parties ( contractor and worker) must ratify all the important statements. Once both parties sign a letter of offer, it becomes a formal agreement under UAE law. Look at Here Top Employment Agencies in Dubai United Arab Emirates.

3. Making Changes

If the employer wants to change the provision after a time, he cannot do so.  Thus, be careful before signing the offer letter by both the parties.

Hence it is necessary for the employer and the employee to fully agree for this position. If either of the parties disagrees, this offer will not be valid. The clearance from both sides (contractor & worker) is mandatory. The condition cannot be changed.

4. Understanding the Offer

It is necessary to check by the employer that the employee remembers all the instructions written in the letter. AED 20,000 from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates (MoHRE) for submitting inaccurate data to the employer.

 If it is later discovered that the employee did not read the agreements before signing the contract or signed them without reading them in full (approximately $5,400 US) fines.

Employers are also required to disclose details regarding the offer letter to more.

5. Signing the Contract

It should be noted that the work contract is based on the offer letter submitted by the employer. It is also necessary to submit this work contract to MoHRE within 14 days. Therefore, make sure that the employee and the employer who has come from outside must have signed within this time period.

The agreement should be signed only in the languages ​​based on the entry permit. Keep in mind that the contract should be available in Hindi & English language. Also, additional essential languages should be there.

Hence, the whole process will be done in this way. In the possibility of any kind of violation of law and order, the individual can be penalized. 


Hope you got here all the information you need to remember while hiring in Dubai. As there are recruitments in many companies in Dubai, which select candidates at different levels. But the document process and health checkup process of all companies is the same. Look at Here Top Employment Agencies in Dubai United Arab Emirates. 

So you need to take all the precautions while checking the documents. Also, keep in mind that the candidates you have selected have been medically examined. Behind the scenes of these things, now you have got all the essential insight about the recruitment strategy. Not many people can be selected just because of strict rules and regulations. So select only healthy and qualified candidates.

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