Which Frames’ Styles Are Best For Rectangular Glasses



Glasses are a highly popular fashion accessory today and are no longer limited to being just an eyesight correction instrument. When it comes to styling your glasses, there are certain things that you need to factor in such as your face shape, your outfits, and the occasion. Also, with every style of glasses, there are simple modifications that you need to do when it comes to styling them.

Talking about the timeless rectangular glasses, it needs to be noted that styling these pairs is super simple – thanks to their outstanding versatility. The wider than taller structure of rectangular glasses with sharp edges is a dominant aspect contributing to their versatility.

Although good to go for all face shapes, the angular structure of these styles makes them exceptional for face shapes lying towards the roundish end, as their contrasting appeal accentuates these facial features brilliantly.

Whatever the occasion, whatever the face shape, whatever the outfit, there will always be multiple pairs of rectangular glasses to choose from. Here are the styles of frames that complement rectangular glasses to perfection. Read on to find out!

Metal Frames

When complemented with metal frames, rectangular glasses enter a different league altogether as these pairs display a classic elegance.

Metal frames are brilliant for occasions that lie towards the formal end such as your professional workplace. To keep your professional physical appearance on point at your office, metal frame rectangular glasses are a wonderful pick. These sleek styles fit exceptionally well in an office setting.

You can even carry rectangular metal frame glasses to an elite occasion. Here, you can try out the variants that come in colours such as gold and beige for a head turning effect. Apart from the full rim metal frames, you can try out half rim variants of rectangular frames for an offbeat style or even style rimless rectangular glasses for a sophisticated touch.

Tortoiseshell Frames

If you are looking for a frame that can gather all the attention in an instant, tortoiseshell frames are a brilliant option. The striking tortoiseshell patterns carry a fine contrast that is easily noticeable. These frames provide a solid enhancement to your facial features.

There is a variety of tortoiseshell patterns that you can choose from, depending on the occasion for which you are styling your rectangular glasses. For occasions where you need to keep things a little formal, conventional tortoiseshell patterns that utilise colours like brown, amber, and yellow, among others, should be your pick. For casual occasions, you can keep things fun and playful with patterns based on colours such as blue, orange, and pink.

Clear Frames

Clear frame glasses – also known as transparent glasses – are one of the biggest trends in present times. You will find a place for them in almost all the trending charts of glasses. When it comes to rectangle frame glasses, the good news is that it is one of the best styles for clear frames.

With clear frame rectangular glasses, you can expect a sophisticated style and the credit must go to their glass-like structure here. You can try out the minimal yet elegant crystal clear frames for an elite style or keep it trendy with transparent rectangular glasses in pastel shades.

When it comes to occasions, the versatility of rectangular glasses with clear frames ensure that you can style them on all occasions, ranging from the professional workplace to the super casual pub, to a weekend getaway to the countryside.

Rimless Frames

The most popular glasses style when it comes to rimless frames is rectangular glasses. These pairs carry a vibrant appeal that can be a game changer especially in a formal setting like an office.

The frameless structure of rimless glasses puts the entire focus on the clear lenses and the sleek metal temples, also ensuring that these pairs don’t cause any hindrance to your facial features.

When it comes to the utility of rimless glasses, it stands out by providing a wider field of vision, and their lightweight nature makes it possible to wear them all-day long without any discomfort. Although you will find pairs for all occasions, these styles are exceptional for occasions lying towards the formal end.

Oversized Frames

Who said rectangular glasses can’t be used for something funky? If you are looking to take the funky route with your rectangular glasses, you need to complement them with the oversized frames.

You can pick metal frames to mix the funky style with something formal or keep it absolutely funky with the thick and chunky acetate frames in bold colours. While styling your rectangular oversized frames, just ensure that they don’t cover your eyebrows and lie above your cheekbones.

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