Why Do TikTok Likes Play A Important Role?



The primary purpose of coming up with a TikTok video is to acquire likes from the viewers. It is because the likes of a TikTok video show how many people have enjoyed watching it. Therefore, the individual who uploaded a TikTok video wants it to be loved by the viewers. 

Hence, from this, it is apparent that the number of real TikTok likes acquired by a video impacts its quality. In this essay, I will shed light on the huge significance played by ‘likes’ and why they should be given priority.

What Do ‘Likes’ Actually Reflect?

Getting likes for TikTok videos is not an easier chore. Today, individuals see a significant percentage of videos every day on TikTok. They come forward to poke the like option only if a video hits their spirit. Today, consumers are consuming mainly shorter duration films primarily on social media. 

Hence, people feel exhausted from responding to every video they view. They will only take action to hit the like option if a video overwhelms them. Therefore, likes are the most precise parameter to scale the success of a TikTok video.

 So, rather than going with numerous data and analytics to estimate a video’s reach, just looking at the number of likes is adequate because the likes acquired by a TikTok video is an appropriate indicator to assess its engagement.

Hence, likes should not be disregarded and should be provided importance. If a content producer on TikTok discards the ‘likes’ he received, it may damage his growth. Because if the number of likes starts to fall, he should check his material and determine whether he misses out on anything and must remedy it. Hence, a person should prioritize the likes to have continuous growth. Thus, now you can grasp the vital part played by likes.

Why Should Influencers Care About Likes?

Social Media Marketing has virtually become a fundamental necessity for B2C organizations. A corporation cannot attain growth if it discards promoting it on social channels. TikTok, a social platform with over 1.1 billion active users, is now the epicenter for B2C marketing. Influencer Marketing is considered the most efficient among a

spectrum of social media methods. Hence, we can observe an expanding trend of corporations and companies cooperating with TikTok influencers to scale their products to a broad audience.

When picking an influencer, the critical aspect a brand would examine is the likes count. Marketers will check the average amount of likes received by an influencer and go with the one who has the most. Today, many are hoping to become influencers because of the large money they can make. 

Especially teens are tremendously obsessed with becoming influencers. They develop TikTok videos with innovative themes to drive more people and get popular rapidly. Thus, if a person wants to become an influencer and monetize his skills, he should focus on growing the likes count of his TikTok videos. 

As discussed previously, marketers only go with the influencers who have managed to garner significant likes. Because even the TikTok algorithm favors the videos with a large number of likes, if a video has gained tremendous likes, TikTok will make it show in the news stream of many individuals. Thus, the organic reach of a TikTok video can be expanded with an increase in the likes. 

Hence, getting likes delivers a multiplicity of rewards. Therefore, influencers should give the highest emphasis to the likes which define their growth. If an influencer finds that his videos garner fewer likes, he should adjust his material. Thus, the likes received immediately indicate the quality of a video.

Growing Importance Of Paid Services

Today, the importance of paid services is expanding at a quick pace. Many organizations are paying significant importance to these services, which helps them to boost their brand reach on social networks. There are also a substantial number of paid services that auto TikTok likes

If you cannot increase the likes count of your TikTok videos, you can purchase likes from any renowned paid provider. So, to examine whether people are delighted by your material, check the quantity of likes you received. If there is an increasing trend in your preferences for your videos, your performance has risen with time.


Though several indicators assess the engagement rate of a TikTok video, none is as precise as likes. So, any content creator on TikTok should construct his approach around gaining likes for his videos. In a nutshell, he should be likable among his following. Hence, the existence of a content creator on TikTok depends on the likes acquired by him.

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