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We depend on mobile phones now that it is almost impossible to live without them. Our smartphones have so much data, including our personal and professional data, that it runs out of storage anytime. Whenever this happens, you must transfer the data to a new device with larger storage space or clean the older device. Videos and photos nowadays are of high resolution; therefore, they take much more storage than they used to in previous years, so it is usual for your mobile phone to run out of storage. Around 80% of users get the storage full warning. A decade ago, people used microSD cards if they faced any storage issues, and using this card helped them with the storage, but now the smartphone manufacturers have stopped providing this option except few brands. So now the question arises: What to do when your storage gets full? A phone repair store like Forever Tech Wireless provides tips and tricks to optimize storage space. Let’s find out what those tips and tricks are.

Go for a Cloud Storage

One common and easiest way to get space on your mobile phone is to transfer all the photos and videos to dropbox, google drive, or iCloud drive storage. Whether you have the free or paid drive, you can go to setting and offload all your photos and videos to iCloud, which results in free space on your mobile phone. These storage apps have the option of backing up and offloading so you can sync your photos and videos in that drive and delete them when they are uploaded. It gives you free space on your mobile phone. 

Clean the device’s storage

Digital devices, especially smartphones, get cluttered over time. That is why it is important to clean the device’s storage. If you can’t do the cleaning everyone. Do it quarterly. It can also be done manually, but there are many apps for this work that you can use, which also categorize used space by media, photos, documents, and apps. These apps allow you to clear all the cache and junk data by listing them separately, and you can gain free space with some clicks. Go through your gallery and clear all the photos that are unwanted, pixelated, duplicated, or bad. Do the same with files and documents. Cell phone repair store in Columbus, OH, suggests that we tend to download many documents and files that turn to cutter over time, so those files should also be deleted. 

Delete unused Apps

Smartphone users mostly have more than 80 apps installed on their smartphones, out of which 9 apps are used daily, whereas 30 apps are used monthly, according to the latest report (Nick G.) It means you must remove and delete all the unwanted apps that have taken your mobile space. 

Clear cache and temp

When you install any app, it automatically downloads and stores data locally on your smartphone. For instance, downloading Facebook or Instagram will save all the login credentials and other temporary files. Similarly, apps like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon Prime allow you to download the media offline and utilize your device’s storage. Some of the data save under cache, while some save directly in the device. To get free space, you must delete cache and unwanted temporary files. 

Limit the size of media files

Smartphone usage is increasing majorly because of photos and videos. People use high-quality cameras on smartphones to shoot different videos and click pictures for personal and professional use. Therefore, those high-quality photos and videos utilize most of the storage. Nowadays, there are flagship smartphones with hefty megapixels of more than 100 MP. However, there is no doubt that you get crisp photos, but it also increases their size. Features like HDR 4K and 60 fps are part of the smartphones which attract users, but they also add up to media size and storage. The first thing that should be done is go to your settings and lower down these camera settings. You can get amazing photos in 1080 resolution and 30fps with a high compression ratio. Lower these settings and turn them occasionally when you need 4K resolution pictures. Phone repair stores suggest that by limiting the size of media files, you can easily get enough free space in your mobile phone. 

How much storage do you need?

It depends on whether you take photos and videos or not. If you have a DSLR to take photos and shoot videos, you might not even need to click high-resolution photos from your smartphone. In that case, 64GB of storage is more than enough for you. But if you dont have a DSLR and take photos from your phone, opt for 128 GB storage. Even if it’s not enough and you are a heavy user, go for 256GB of phone storage. 


A smartphone memory with insufficient space is painful and frustrating. If you find out that you can’t download any app or take any photos, it might be inconvenient, and you won’t like it. If you follow these tips and tricks offered by a cell phone repair store in Gahanna, OH, you will save considerable space as these tips and tricks guide you tremendously. If you have tried all of it and still you dont have enough space in your phone, try backing up your data in any hard drive or somewhere else and reset your phone to factory setting but be careful and dont delete any important data that is not backed up. 

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