5 Things You Need to Know about Air Curtains



Have you thought about the installation of the air curtain (or an entire set of air doors) for your company? Curtains made of air are a great investment that could bring a variety of benefits. If you’re just getting started with research on air doors or air door options, however, you may not fully comprehend the reason why these solutions are extremely popular in a variety of industrial and commercial settings. Here are five essential facts about  industrial air curtain before you decide to shop.

5 essential facts about  industrial air curtain

1. Air doors serve multiple purposes.

Many businesses select commercial air curtains  due to one or two of their claimed advantages. Companies in the food service sector, for instance, may be intrigued by the potential of it to protect against dust, insects pollution, dust, and other pollutants that can affect sanitation. Retail store owners or restaurants, for instance, are attracted to air doors as they allow them to keep temperatures stable inside even though customers frequently go in and out of an outdoor door. The great feature of curtains for air is that they provide the benefits mentioned above and much more. From the energy savings and stability of temperature to hygiene and sanitation . It  can perform multiple purposes at the same time.

2. Air Doors are an ideal alternative to vestibules

Vestibules offer many of the same advantages as these curtains . They function as a buffer between the exterior and the interior of a commercial structure which keeps from cold breezes, gasoline fumes, dust, and other contaminants. Vestibules are so effective in their function that they were previously mandated on some commercial structures by each and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) as well as the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). The issue with vestibules is they take up a large amount of space and can be costly to construct. It  can be a cheap alternative to vestibules that have been accepted as such by the IECC as well as the IgCC. Also, commercial buildings that would require vestibules in the past may be able to do so using the use of these curtains instead.

3. Air doors  are available in a variety of dimensions, styles, and designs

As you can think, they  aren’t an all-purpose technology that can be use in any size. Air curtains and air doors are available in a range of sizes, designs, and styles. There are air doors that are suitable to fit standard-sized doors. Additionally, there are air doors that are designe for drive-through windows and garage doors as well as loading dock doorways as well as walk-in coolers, and freezers.

Each window or door opening needs a curtain that is equal to the width or length of the opening and is powerful enough to push a stream of air throughout every opening. The market for it  is large enough to accommodate the needs of any company. In terms of design and style, certain business owners would like the curtains they purchase to fit into the overall design of the room. For example in a restaurant with a glitzy design, these curtains looks industrial could be a mood-killer. There are more sleek and private models that are available for locations that emphasize aesthetics.

4. Air doors can save your company energy and also money.

One important benefit of these is the energy savings capacity. By keeping heat transfer to a minimum and maintaining the temperature inside, both in the summer and winter months, it helps an HVAC device. The more stable temperatures mean that your HVAC or cooling system doesn’t have to be working as difficult to keep the temperature at the appropriate temperature.

The result is that the systems aren’t consuming the same amount of energy, resulting in savings that you’ll see in your company’s monthly energy bills. What savings in energy can these curtains offer is a question you might have. The answer is contingent on your company’s needs and where you intend to put the curtain. But, research has shown that it can reduce energy use by over 30 percent. Certain major brands of these curtains like Berner and others, have calculators on their site to help customers calculate the energy savings they can expect to make.

5. Air doors  provide quiet operation

One of the main concerns that business owners have regarding drapes of air is they could be loud and distracting air doors produce some sound when they generate the air flow that covers doors or windows. But, the technology has improved to the point where many manufacturers offer products that boast “whisper quiet” operations. Most of the time it  will not make more noise than your air conditioner or heater does when it’s activate. The exceptions, the louder air doors, are generally use for industrial purposes, for example, in warehouses or factories. In these environments, the sound is generally less problematic than it is in smaller or less intimate spaces, like restaurants or bars.

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