7 Popular Kurtas for men that are Best Fit for a Desi Eve



When a traditional celebration is around the corner, there’s no chance of wardrobe malfunction. Out of diverse ethnic choices, Kurta is unarguably a staple dress code. But the color selection and style variation may contribute to disappointments.

Flat or basic choices are an outdated version of kurtas for men. After all, with variations in desi traditions, festival outfits are going through the biggest fashion revolution. So does the most ethnic outfit embraced by most Indians – the Kurtas – are adding a fresh taste to Indian traditional wear.

Be it kurtas for women or men; we have tons of great variety this time to try for a desi eve. So read on because this article brought you the best picks from the kurta varieties that will help you look perfect for that upcoming traditional event.

1. Grandad Collar Kurta is a New Trend

Collar kurtas are no longer among favorites to folks. It is a grandad collar kurta for men that continue to grab more likes and appreciation. Grandad collar with button lining reaching below the waist line simply forms a stylish neck design – just like a traditional ethnic piece. The neck design makes Kurta an easy-to-wear outfit, especially in summer; the fabric will no longer be an irritating factor. These collars are also beautifully stitched around the neck to deliver a perfect fit. Similarly, the ultimate look it forms equally highlights your facial features.

2. Glamming Up with Kurta cum Shirt

Kurta cum shirt is also the best toss that will help you achieve your styling goal in traditional eve. The half-cut concept has been stolen from kurtas for women. But it seems to work way better for men nowadays. The shirt-looking Kurta lets you wear a jean while adding up the essence of ethnic wear. With versatility in design, the kurta cum shirt even allows you to try more custom thoughts on your overall dressing.

3. Yellow will stay Traditionally Staple.

Coming to the colored options, Yellow will stay a superior choice for traditional Indian events. The season has begun, and many sacred festivals are about to be held at home. So if you are religious, yellow-colored kurtas are worth trying. When reflecting from festive lights and other fancy stuff, the traditionally staple dress code will illuminate the environment around. And that’s something that you need most on any formal occasion.

4. Trend Waves of Printed Concepts

Printed concepts are also an evolving culture, not just across kurtas for women, but the new dress code is about to add more stars to the men’s look. Printed patterns, dots, lines, or any creative activity will work here. But we still recommend varieties carrying the essence of ethnic eve. Such as, you can eye at traditionally-inspired prints when shopping for kurtas online.

5. Sleeve Clips for Rolls

Rolled-up sleeves aren’t just popular across casual or formal shirts fashion, but kurtas for men are also not far from copying the style rule. But you access an added bonus when purchasing a kurta here. Simply put, sleeve clips are a thing that you will love to find above those elbow joints. The clip with a button attached rolls up and holds the extra fabric of sleeves that are supposed to be covering up your elbow that men always want to expose. These clips respect the comfort and style requirements of every man, and by adding these clips to Kurtas, designers are undoubtedly doing a great job.

6. Returning to Plain and Shiny Fabric

Plain and shiny fabric can’t fail to become the best fit for a traditional eve. The style concept has long been immensely popular across kurtas for women varieties, but it seems that men are also picking up interest in the shiny texture of the fabric. Another prominent reason to draw people’s attention to this kurta staple in the 90s theme or a retro fusion is that each new day inspires the fashion industry.

7. Straight Flairs

Straight flairs are an ever-demanded concept in Kurta’s gallery. When reaching down to the knee length, the designer piece forms a festive-focused fashionwear for men. However, some guys may love donning above-knee length kurtas, but in the end, it is a personal choice. The only thing you should care for is the silhouette free dressing and straight edges reaching down to the desired length from the uppercuts.


Tick marks these points in your checklist when finding the best kurtas for men if you don’t want to end up looking outdated during that festive fun. Be it a sacred event or a party for a ritual festival, the kurta tips described above will surely do a miracle for you. So look no further, try them out, and have a wonderful celebration ahead.

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