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If you love bags, a Handbags Blog is a great place to find the latest trends and news. It’s also the perfect place to chat with fellow bag lovers and discuss what makes a bag “make you happy.” It showcases the latest in the fashion industry, so it’s the perfect place for those who love bags and want to know about the latest fashions. Here are a few popular blogs to follow:


When it comes to bags, everyone has a blog and a website. Fashion bloggers have front-row seats at fashion shows and are feted by publicity-hungry designers. Meaghan Mahoney, a handbag aficionado, decided to share her passion for bags with the world. She co-founded PurseBlog with her technical partner Vladimir Dusil. Here, we learn more about the history of purse blogging, the purpose of the site, and Meaghan’s advice for finding the perfect bag.

Esperos Backpacks

The founder of Esperos Bags, Oliver Shuttlesworth, was inspired to create the company after he visited Central America in 2011. While there, he saw the devastating effects of poverty, and he was moved by the efforts of parents to send their children to school, but were unable to afford it. As a result, Oliver decided to sell backpacks to raise money for education initiatives in the developing world. Today, Esperos bags are a popular way to support these efforts.

Esperos Bags are backpacks for children that support education initiatives in developing nations. They are made by Oliver Shuttlesworth, who first was inspired by his trip to Central America in 2011. While there, he witnessed the devastating impact of poverty on children and their families. He saw that many of them only had $20 to send their children to school. So, he decided to create a backpack company to sell to raise money for education projects in the developing world.


The Refinery29 Handbags Blog is an excellent source for bag lovers. It is an online forum for bag lovers to discuss the latest fashion trends and news about “happy bags.” It is also a great resource for anyone interested in the fashion industry. The website is divided into two main categories: celebrity bags and designer bags. It also has sections devoted to the designer bags and boutiques they represent. Each post is organized by style category, with links to each of the individual bags featured on each blog.

Bag Snob

Tina Chen Craig and Kelly Cook launched the first Bag Snob on Handbags blog in 2005 and have since turned it into a thriving lifestyle brand. The blog has expanded to include accessories and jewelry, as well as skincare, and has become one of the world’s most popular fashion blogs. The blog has even attracted celebrity fans such as Chiara Ferragni, Nicky Hilton, and Joanna Czech.


A Filipino blogger with a flair for fashion, Bagaholicboy’s Handbags blog has won the hearts of thousands of readers. The blog’s author, Alvin Cher, quit his job as creative director of a small publishing house to pursue his passion for bags. He now gets front row seats at international fashion weeks and doesn’t even like to put a face to his indulgence. As a result, his blog is read by international audiences and readers alike.

Anna Pugh

British designer Anna Pugh creates classic, leather handbags with a feminine utility. She began her label in 2012 with a love of leather and the idea of a shape that was both pleasing and useful. Before her career in fashion, Pugh was a creative pattern cutter for womenswear. She had a knack for developing interesting shapes and lines and explored how bags fit on the body. Her handbag designs now span generations and are the perfect accompaniment to any occasion.

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