All You Need To Know About Double Casement Windows

double casement windows
double casement windows

A window should allow you to increase the amount of natural light that enters your room while also improving the ventilation and enhancing the aesthetical appeal of the space. And to tick all these boxes, you should consider getting casement windows. These types of windows are hinged on the side, and they crank open outward. Casement windows are usually installed above kitchen sinks or in bathrooms as they can significantly improve the airflow. 

Casement windows are hinged on the side and crank open outward to the left or right, allowing for full top to bottom ventilation. Common above kitchen sinks, casement windows give you the flexibility to group them in stunning combinations. 

However, one of the most preferred casement window types is the double casement window. These types of windows comprise two sashes that meet in the middle. These sashes are hinged on either side, and one can easily swing them outward. Since these windows open from the center and have no center stile, double casement windows offer a wide, unobstructed view. So, if you are planning on getting new windows installed in your home, you should definitely consider double casement windows. Here is some basic information and the benefits offered by these windows:

Offers Unhindered Views

As mentioned earlier, double casement windows do not comprise a center stile that can obstruct your view. Thus, you will be offered an excellent viewing space and will get to enjoy some panoramic vistas right from your room. 

Enhanced Security

Casement windows, in particular, offer a good security level since the lock is incorporated into the frame itself. Moreover, go with one of the leading fenestration product manufacturers, such as TOSTEM India. You will be able to get double casement aluminum windows that come equipped with a crescent locking mechanism, offering an excellent level of safety. 

Better Ventilation 

Double casement windows typically open outward, and this is the reason why they offer better ventilation and improve the air inflow. Moreover, these windows have an open sash that acts as a flap. Thus, you can quickly get side breezes into your house, which other windows might not be capable of. Other than this, the casement window can also be opened from top to bottom and side-to-side, which allows you to control the air inflow and the amount of natural light entering your room. 


Casement windows, especially the ones made up of aluminum frames, are incredibly low-maintenance. While these windows have a sleek and simple design, they do not accumulate dirt and are very easy to clean. Moreover, aluminum is a corrosion and rot-resistant metal that does not require a lot of care. A simple wipe-down will help keep your windows as good as new. 


Double casement windows are not just functional but also help in enhancing the curb appeal of the space. Also, one can easily customize these windows by picking their finish, color, and design choices. We hope that this information will help you give you a better idea of these windows so that you can make a prudent decision. 

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