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Audio quality Analyzers are becoming increasingly popular, as they offer a variety of features and options that can be helpful in assessing audio quality. AQuA is one such option, and it offers a unique approach to analysis that can be useful in comparing different audio files.  Well, AQuA is an alternative to POLQA and ViSQOL, providing a more accurate and detailed assessment of audio quality. The POLQA and ViSQOL programs are widely used to analyze audio signals, but they are not always perfect.

For your convenience, this article will explore the benefits of using AQuA and how it can help you achieve better results!

Understanding AQuA:

AQuA is an audio quality analyzer alternative for POLQA and ViSQOL that can provide better insights into the Audio performance of devices. It is easy to use and requires no installation. This is designed specifically for audio analysis, allowing you to track and analyze audio data in real-time. It can be used to analyze audio files of any size and can provide valuable insights into audio quality. It can also be used to track the audio quality of specific files, such as music or video.

Features of AQuA:

There are so many different features available with AQuA that make it the best choice around, these are as follows:

·         In use for mobile networks drive testing:

Mobile networks are essential for everyday activities, such as sending and receiving emails, talking on the phone, and streaming videos. However, they can also be in use for testing mobile applications and services. By using mobile networks for testing, developers can get a sense of how their applications will interact with different network types and devices. AQuA offers a more accurate and efficient way of driving testing. Analyzing audio signals can provide insights that can help improve the quality of network traffic.

·         Helpful for player communications analysis:

Player communications analysis is essential for gamers and the gaming industry alike. By understanding how individual players communicate with each other, developers can create more efficient games and make sure that players have a positive experience. AQuA is a valuable tool for these purposes. This tool allows for accurate and concise analysis of audio data, helping to improve player performance and enjoyment.

·         Helpful in IVR testing:

IVR testing is an important process in many businesses. By effectively detecting and resolving issues with customer recordings, your business can improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. AQuA- is a valuable asset for IVR testing because it provides accurate results quickly and easily.

·         Helpful in Load Testing:

Load testing is an essential part of any software development process. By successfully Load Testing your software, you can ensure that it meets the quality and performance expectations of your users. AQuA is a helpful tool for load testing. By using a quality analyser, you can easily identify problems with the system before they become widespread problems. It is easy to use and has a number of features that make it perfect for load testing.

·         Works with short and long audio files:

Audio quality is important when working with short and long audio files. AQuA-Audio is a quality analyzer that helps improve audio quality. This is beneficial because it can help you to understand what is happening in the audio file and make better decisions about how to work with it. These analyzers fit with most audio files, making them a valuable tool and provide accurate depth information, making them ideal for music research.


When it comes to audio quality, nothing is better than an AQuA-Audio analyzer. This helps you to identify and fix audio issues quickly and easily. With its ability to track, analyze and fix audio problems, AQuA-Audio is the ideal tool for professionals who need to improve their sound quality. If you are in need to get the services to reach Sevana Biz and get the services right away!

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