Create an Inspiring Space With Loft Conversions



Are you planning a loft conversion? But you are quite unsure about how you will add life to this space and make it inspiring and modern? Hold on, as we unveil some of the best Loft Conversions Bournemouth ideas, to help you create a wonderful living space for yourself or your kids.

With our piece of advice, you are definitely going to add life and elegance to your lofts. This house improvement method, not only adds more space to your home but also boosts its value and brings in amazing functionality. Thus, if you are aiming to bring an incredible living space to life, then put our inspiring ideas to use!

1. Maximize your Sloped Ceilings:

Keep things simple when it comes to your loft conversions. You don’t have to try too hard to fit everything inside. Keep it simple. As loft conversions have sloped ceilings, it is best to utilize them fully. Maximize your space smartly. For instance, you can add a shower under the slope, to make sure that you are not wasting an inch of the space and are cleverly playing with all the elements. Think about what can go under the slopes. Look for ideas and discuss them with the contractors you choose. For instance, you can also add a storage solution under the slope with a bespoke fitted wardrobe.

2. Open Plan:

An open plan loft conversion is definitely a modern design approach. It gives a spa vibe and looks absolutely stunning. From a walk-in wardrobe to a glazed frame separating the bathroom for you; there is a lot that can be done with an open-plan loft conversion. However, this design approach can be a bit challenging to transform into reality. Thus, choosing the right loft conversions Bournemouth specialists like Mountebank Developments LTD is important. You definitely want a team that can design the best open loft for you.

3. Make Use of Clever Storage:

To make the most out of your space and turn your living space into a beautiful one; it is important that you plan clever storage. As lofts are already limited in space, you don’t want to make them feel cluttered all the time. Thus, utilizing the small nooks under the eaves, for storage, can be a smart decision to make. You can also opt for bespoke fitted wardrobes that are designed according to precise measurements. Built-in storage is also a great idea. You can opt for shelves and racks and make the most out of the storage space.

Loft Conversions Bournemouth
Loft Conversions Bournemouth

4. Staircase Idea for Loft Conversions:

The staircase that usually leads to your loft conversion, tends to feel narrow and tight. It creates an illusion of improper space. The feeling of it being cramped can certainly ruin a well-designed loft. This is where some smart lighting and the right colours can help you in creating a sense of openness.

Adding spotlights along the staircase is a great idea. You can also paint the wall around the staircase, a bright and clean white colour. You can also add a glass balustrade to create an illusion of space. Also, when you are planning a loft conversion, it is important that you think about the placement of the stairs closely. How much space will they utilize? Will they be too narrow? Evaluate all the whereabouts before making a final decision. You must discuss the staircase placement with your Loft Conversions Lymington experts.

5. Make it Cozier:

If you aren’t looking for a separate bedroom and want to convert your space into a snug, then you are definitely looking forward to some creativity. You can add a sofa bed to this space so that you can always use it as a bedroom whenever required. Add throw pillows, cushions, potted plants, and frames to personalize the space. The addition of rugs can also make it look cosier.


Creating the best living space, when planning loft conversions can be a bit challenging. As you are already short of space, you want to make sure that you are not overdoing anything. But at the same time, you are crafting a space that feels close to you.

Therefore, look for different ideas and make sure that you opt for smart storage solutions to keep the space clear of clutter. A clean and tidy loft looks absolutely pleasing to the eyes. Lastly, choose experienced loft conversion experts like Mountbank Developments LTD to certify a great conversion.

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