How EMI Calculator Works Or Calculate EMI



EMI calculator online are one of the best ways to calculate how much EMI you would have to pay monthly for a particular product or service that you want to buy. Not only does it help you plan things better, but it also makes you financially disciplined by choosing to buy a product when you have the requisite funds to plan and repay the debt.

What is an EMI Calculator Online? 

An EMI calculator helps you understand the affordability of a loan, and compare loan options across multiple loan providers to get the best possible deal on interest and repayments. Experts advise you to use a loan calculator whenever you are applying for any kind of loan be it for zero down payment mobile phones online to home and car financing. I will help you plan things better and help you in making timely repayments without putting too much strain on your finances.

How to Use the Online EMI Calculator? 

Using an EMI calculator online involves a few easy steps:

  1. First off, the customers need to choose a loan amount that they wish to take
  2. Secondly, the need to enter a tenure they think is most appropriate for making repayments
  3. Enter the rate of interest that you wish to pay on the loan amount
  4. Hit the calculate button and the calculator will display the final EMI amount that you need to pay each month

How to Make the Best of the EMI calculator Online 

This handy tool has empowered consumers to compare and choose rather than being dependent on a single service provider and paying an interest rate that they want you to pay. By using the calculator, the consumer becomes in charge of their decision on how much loan to take, the interest and the tenure they want, and whom to take the loan from. Let’s look at a few tips that will help you make the decision when it comes to taking out a loan.

Your Repayment Capability

Ideally, the amount on a loan should never exceed 40% of your total income; therefore, whenever you think of taking out a loan, keep this point in mind and then calculate the EMI across service providers. This will help you pay off the loan without struggling to meet your monthly expenses. Moreover, it will ensure that you can make timely repayments without having to bear penalty charges or taking a hit on your cibil score.

Always Compare Interest Rates

The market is flooded with service providers offering a variety of loans across categories, and this puts you in power to choose the ideal deal for your requirements. Since interest rates vary across service providers with some charging more than others; it’s important to factor in this vital metric when taking out a loan. However, ensure that you keep the tenure constant across all loan service providers so that the calculator can return appropriate results.

Importance of Tenure

The more the tenure, the lesser you will pay in monthly EMIs; however, that also means that you will be paying interest charges over a longer period. Sometimes, you may end up paying double the amount of the cost of the product in interest charges. Although it’s best to close loans as early as possible, sometimes a consumer may choose a greater tenure based on their repayment capability.

For consumers, the EMI calculator online is one of the few tools that help make the entire process of applying for loans a bit easier since the consumer is already aware of the market trends and the approximate interest rates, they can expect based. 

However, you must also remember that your cibil score plays a major factor in the interest rates that you will be offered by a service provider. A higher score will always help you negotiate a better deal. So, while the calculator will help you approximate the EMIs better, a good cibil score will almost always guarantee better rates!

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