How To Set Up Norton Antivirus On Mobile?



The Activate norton security suite of software is recognized as one of the top antivirus programs available and is placed on top of our list of the top antivirus software. It is a top performer of malware detection and excellent real-time protection and is perhaps one of the best feature-rich security software accessible. You may be wondering which security options does the Norton security pack include?

What’s the differentiator between Norton’s Standard Deluxe, Standard and Premium programs, and how can you choose the best choice for you? How do I proceed if I decide to download Norton security software on my computer or smartphone? You can set up Norton antivirus software to assist you in making the right choice and following the proper steps. This comprehensive Norton review will give you all you must learn about the security suite and assist you in determining if it’s a suitable mcafee antivirus activation.

Norton Antivirus Pros And Cons

It is essential to understand all details about the product or service you are considering purchasing, so you don’t end up with regrets following you have made your purchase. If you’re thinking of purchasing Norton antivirus to safeguard your phone or computer from malware and viruses, here are a few factors to consider.


  • The best antivirus protection in class.
  • Very extravagant feature suites.
  • Security against malware that is 100 100% efficient.
  • It also comes with the security of a VPN and a password manager.
  • Excellent software for mobile devices.
  • The features of parental control.


  • There isn’t a free version, and it’s not the most affordable.
  • It isn’t charming to be asked to open additional tabs or applications.

How Do I Set Up Norton Antivirus?

We’ll guide you through the steps to setting up Norton antivirus on your PC and mobile device in this post.

In our demonstration of step-by-step steps, we’ll pick Norton 360 Deluxe because this is the internet security suite that you’re most likely to select when you’re installing it on several devices, such as your computer(s), phone(s) and tablets (s). The totality of this Norton edition can be used on up to five devices.

But, the process will be the same as if you decide to purchase a different Norton antivirus program which is in a position to follow this guideline. We’ll start with a PC (Windows 10) and then move on to an Android mobile phone (Android).

Steps to Install Norton on The PC you are using.

Here are the steps that will guide you in installing Norton antivirus onto your computer, Mac, or laptop to protect your system from cyber-attacks.

Buy an online store, and install it, I know it’s obvious, But your first task is to buy the Norton product you are looking for. We’ll use Norton 360 Deluxe. Visit the Norton product page, and select the plan you’d like to purchase this case. Click “Subscribe Now” and fill in all the required details (choosing the username for the Norton account and filling in the payment details).

When the transaction is completed After the payment is complete, click the Start Now button on the confirmation screen of your order to download the Norton installer. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to click the EXE file at the bottom of the browser screen after downloading. The program will then start and download the rest of the files required for the installation of the application. The program will then request your consent to make changes to your system. So, choose ‘Yes.’

Are you uncertain regarding the best Norton product to select? With our expertly-written guide to Norton’s antivirus products, We’ll help you make your choice.

 Install Norton on your device.

You can sign up for Norton Community Watch. Norton Community Watch to contribute your information to assist in blocking the emergence of new malware as they arise or decline if you want to keep your information private. You must select the “Install” button to begin the installation process. If you prefer to decline this option, select Maybe Later.

Norton will begin installing. The process will take a while, so you can just sit back and watch the circle spin or make the perfect cup of beverage!

Go for activation

Once Norton is installed in the program, it will begin activating itself, briefly interacting with the company’s servers before showing the main menu, telling users that the first of five licenses have been utilized (if it’s Norton 360 Deluxe) as well as that your device you’ve just installed the application on is now secured.

 Secure Surfing

Suppose you quit your Norton main menu and return to your web browser. In that case, you’ll notice a new tab open that offers Norton extensions for your browser (we utilized Chrome, as you see above, but for this article, we’ll assume that you’re using Chrome also). To enable Safe Web (the principal security for web browsing), Safe Search, and Norton’s Password Manager, choose ‘Enable All Norton Extensions (as well as setting Norton as your default homepage).

 Patch it up

Go back to Norton’s main menu after choosing your extensions – if you’d like to use any, but Safe Web is undoubtedly an excellent idea and then update the application. To do this, click at the top and select LiveUpdate under Device Security.

If any updates are identified, Norton LiveUpdate will search for them and download the updates. After selecting “Apply Now, ” you must confirm that you want to install the patches you just downloaded. Then, sit back and wait for Norton to start up and apply the patch.

 System scanning

Norton will begin a rapid scan after installation to check the PC’s contents for viruses or other suspicions. But if it doesn’t, or if you forget, you may always do a self-scan for a quick check-up. Select Quick Scan near the very top of the menu where it states Device Security.

Step Do not forget to sign into

If you’ve bought one of the premium products, like Norton 360 Deluxe, in our instance, you’ll be required to sign in before all features (such as dark-web monitoring and parental control) are accessible. Just click the Sign in button at the lower part of the menu. Then enter your Norton password whenever you are asked. Once you have done that, these extra features will be displayed within the menu, which you can configure or manage.


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