Never Underestimate the Influence of Retail Packaging



Most businesses make the mistake of underestimating the potential of the custom printed retail packaging of their products. They consider these 100% customizable boxes as ‘boxes’ and nothing more. This approach kills their brand. The benefits of packaging in the current world are not limited to covering, ease of transport, convenience in storage and protection anymore. They can be used to give an impressive display to the products packed inside. The creative and exciting display of the products will give them more retail visibility on the shelves. It will even grab the attention of more customers sifting for products through the aisles of the stores, giving them more brand exposure.

Both the e-commerce brands and those that stock their products in the retails can make use of the creative designs and impressive printing techniques to create stunning custom printed retail packaging for their products. Packaging can be customized using different sizes, innovative shapes and using various materials. Although the e-commerce brands and businesses cannot share their products on the retail shelves. They can take pictures of these products in custom packaging and share posts about it on various social media platforms.

Custom printed retail packaging helps curb shoplifting

Apart from this, custom retail packaging can play a major role in curbing shoplifting from retail outlets. One of the main concerns of the retailers in the current times is to prevent shoplifting and theft. The retailers often install cameras, ink tags and other such tools to protect their stock and stop such mishaps from happening. But not all retailers can afford such a setup. Also, the occurrence of theft and shoplifting of products is high at the distribution or manufacturing setups as well. There are a few techniques in packaging that the product developers and manufacturers can keep in mind when designing the packaging, which will help control these mishaps.

Using larger custom packaging for pocket-sized items

The easiest items to shoplift or steal are the ones that are the smallest. These items can be picked up from the shelves in less than a second without anyone noticing at all. The companies producing tiny products, which are easy to fit into pockets of apparel boxes, will need to refocus on their packaging to prevent its loss due to theft. An ideal way to go about it is to select larger boxes with inserts and trays placed internally. Larger retail packaging discourages shoplifters. In the same way, packaging with long backboards can be used for the items on the display rack hangers.

Making use of placeholders crafted from cardboard

The use of this technique is common in industries like make-up, jewelry, electronics, etc. Which often deal with products or items that are expensive. The use of a simple placeholder crafted from cardboard can help curb theft and shoplifting of these products. The placeholders do not have to be of intricate designs and luxury finishes.

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Instead, they can be simple ones carrying printed branding elements of a respective brand and die-cut in convenient sizes. The customers can present placeholders at the retail counters when making a purchase. The businesses can also order extra custom printed retail packaging with their orders.  Extra boxes or packaging received can be handed over to the retail owners for using them as display samples at the store. For the convenience of the customers, the retailers will have to provide information from where they can pick the actual product.

Designing packaging that is difficult for shoplifters to open

The companies that are experts in developing custom retail packaging like ClipnBox can help businesses in coming up with options in packaging that are difficult to open. In some cases, the design may involve destroying the original packaging to open it up. Sometimes premium packaging of the products also have openings that provide the ideal gaps for the shoplifters to steal. Customized stickers can use to seal these openings.

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