NVMe SSD vs. M.2 SSD- Which Is the Best SSD For You?



The drive in your PC or laptop matters, especially if you have a gaming PC, to increase the overall gaming performance. Several options are available in the market at a reasonable price. But among the myriad options, selecting the best SSD for your PC can be daunting. So, to help you make your decision, we will compare M.2 SSD and NVMe SSD in this post.

SSD mainly stands for Solid-state Drive, a kind of storage device used in Laptops and PCs. It mainly helps you to store permanent data on solid-state flash memory. SSD mainly replaces the conventional hard disk drive in PCs and laptops. 

Which Will Be the Best SSD to Use?

Several SSDs are available in the market; among them, you can buy NVMe SSD online or M.2 drives to better your PC performance.

However, it would help if you kept several factors in your mind before making your final decision. So, consider evaluating the capacity needs, technical limitations, speed priority, and budget.

1. Technical Limitation 

Consider checking your system’s capability, as some older devices do not have the components to connect them with NVMe SSD. Besides this, do not forget to check if your PC has enough PCIe to support several PCIe devices. 

2. Drive Speed

When selecting the perfect drive for your computer setup, you must buy NVMe SSD instead of the M.2 one. So, if you opt for NVMe SSD, you must upgrade your CPU. Otherwise, it will give poor performance, especially when playing games. 

Generally, our desktop or laptop boots up in 25 seconds if you use HDD. But with SSD, it will only take 10 seconds in the case of M.2 SSD. On the other hand, the NVMe helps you to boot your PC in only 5 seconds. So, when it comes to the drive’s speed, consider buying the NVMe SSD for your PC.

3. Storage Capacity of the Drive

When it comes to storage of the drive, it depends on you. You need to select as per your requirements. If you already have an HDD, it is best to upgrade it further with either M.2 SSD or NVMe SSD. Several options are available in the market, and you can upgrade it up to 2TB or even up to 8TB models that come in an expensive range.

4. Budget

NVMe drive is way too expensive than the M.2 drive. So, if you are going to buy SSD for general purposes and have a tight budget, then you can go for M.2 drive. Otherwise, if you are a pro gamer and want to enhance your gaming quality, then you can buy NVMe SSD for your PC. 

SSD comes in different storage capacities so that you can choose the suitable one. If you are tight on your budget, opt for the 120GB SSD available on the market. This capacity range will be enough for you if you have windows 10. As long as you are just using it for windows, it is more than enough. 


SSDs have become popular due to their smaller size and huge capacity. It is better to use an SSD than an HDD as it performs using less power and at a higher speed. So, if you are an intensive gamer, you can buy NVMe SSD to have an amazing gaming experience. Now that you know what SSD is and how it works, you can understand its benefits. So, if you want your system to work faster and quicker, you can install SSD now. It is very easy to install. Just choose the storage capacity per your needs and install them to have a better experience with your system.


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