Types of Custom Matte Black Hair Extension Boxes



There are many types of hair extension boxes. From pillow-shaped to horizontal to drawer-style, you can find the right one for your business. Learn more about them by reading the information below. You can also find a custom-printed box that is suitable for your specific needs. Below are the details of some of the most popular hair extension boxes. Read on to find out which one will best fit your business’s needs. Also, find out how they are sold.

Custom printed hair extension boxes

If you are thinking of putting your name on a hair extension box, consider printing with attractive graphics and themes. Hiring a professional printing company can help you create appealing graphics using interesting color combinations and graceful designs. A printing expert can sketch your brand name, logo, or product-related information. Custom printed hair extension boxes will also make your products more attractive to customers. You can also opt for custom-made boxes and have them customized.

Pillow-shaped boxes

If you are planning to market your hair extensions, then pillow-shaped boxes are the best choice. These boxes are made of high-quality, durable C1S paper and are printed in CMYK color. They are convenient to fold and do not require any adhesives. They can be customized according to your brand’s color scheme and logo. To make them look more attractive, you can choose to add a company’s logo or brand colors. To create an impressive pillow boxes -shaped hair extension packaging, you can use a speed master XL 106 printer with maximum productivity.

Horizontal boxes

There are several benefits of horizontal boxes for hair extension. One of them is that they are easy to open and close. They also come in a variety of colors and designs. This will help your customers differentiate between different shades of hair extensions. And, these boxes are quite affordable. To find out more, read on. The following are some other benefits of horizontal boxes for hair extensions. You can use them to sell hair extensions. But before you buy one, make sure that you know how to choose them.

Drawer boxes

If you are into selling hair extensions and are looking for packaging materials, you will be interested in the various options for these boxes. Drawer boxes are often the most economical packaging option, with a low price point and attractive printed design. Drawer boxes are sideways open and reveal the product inside with elegance. They can be custom-designed to match the color of the hair extension, and can be made using cardboard or other materials. Drawer boxes are also available in different sizes, so that you can find the perfect fit for your business.

Simple lid boxes

Hair extension boxes are usually rectangular with a lid, but you can use different shapes. If your extensions are longer than a box’s length, you can choose a drawer-like style with a hinged lid. The thin and narrow style allows you to put a few strands of hair in each box. Some of the packaging even has a display cut-out on top. Here are some of the ways to use hair extension boxes for your business.


There are various sizes of hair extension boxes available in the market. One of the most common options is the pillow-shaped box. Pillow-shaped hair extension boxes can be crafted from various types of durable packaging stock. Another option is the Kraft pillow boxes. Regardless of the size and shape of the box, it should be strong enough to keep the hair extension safe. You can also order custom-made boxes based on the size, shape, and color of your hair extensions.


When it comes to the packaging of hair extension products, you can select from a wide range of shapes and styles. Drawer boxes are a good choice because they are elegant and aesthetically pleasing, and they are also cost-effective. Drawer boxes open sideways, revealing the product inside elegantly. Moreover, they are not expensive and do not detract from the price of the product. Drawer boxes can also be custom-made to reflect the shade of hair extensions.


The beauty of hair extension boxes is that they can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many of these boxes feature extra window panes, so the customer can see inside the product without having to open the box. These boxes are highly desirable because they give the products a complete branded appearance. Here are some of the best-selling boxes. Each one of them has its own features. You can read on to find out more about each one.

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