Boost Your Packaging Industry With Box Printing



The packaging industry is one of the most emerging markets. Printing is an art of creativity to boost your packaging.  With the change in technology, people prefer the use of printing in every sector. Same is the case with packaging industry.  Printing is the thing which transforms a dull looking cardboard box into an attractive one. Whether we consider food packaging or any other everyday used product, the packaging seems incomplete without box printing. With the passage of time, various innovations have been added to the printing process.

U.S packaging industry trends show that a large number of consumers have inclined towards the use of custom packaging over the last decade. Companies have realized its significance and benefits. Custom packaging is worth its cost. It provides you with unlimited printing options to make your packaging attractive to the customers. It produces long-lasting results which are helpful in making your brand successful in the market.

Premium Quality Box Printing:

The Custom Boxes is one of the largest wholesale manufacturers which provide you with premium quality box printing. We have specialized in preparing custom boxes according to the customer’s specifications. If you are looking for good quality custom boxes with high-end printing, The Custom Boxes is the best answer to your any time packaging needs. We provide long lasting material. The size, shape, color, and design of the box can be customized as per requirement. Various printing options are provided to make your packaging look enthralling. Lamination and finishes are applied at the end for better results. By choosing the right packaging with advanced printing you can make your products stand out on retail shelves.

Short Run Custom Packaging with Innovative Designs:

The Custom Boxes has specialized in quick short-run packaging. We offer various innovative printing designs. Our packaging boxes are designed according to the type of product to be fit in. For different products, different styles of boxes are used. Some boxes are with side flaps, some with top and bottom flaps while other with inserts. The transparency or die-cut options can also be introduced according to requirement. The selection of material depends upon the delicacy or durability of the item. With the help of unique printing designs, your packaging can make your brand look different from competitors.

A Team of Professional Experts for Better Quality:

The packaging of the product can entirely change its appearance. If you are using the same type of printing for years, it’s the time to bring change. No matter how creative you are, but it may be difficult for you to put your creativity into practical ideas. Or maybe you are indulged in other business activities that you do not find time to work on printing designs. A professional graphic designer is the best choice in this case. The Custom Boxes has a team of experts to design your custom packaging. They provide 24/7 customer support to answer your queries and provide you with related details. Experimenting with new attractive designs can boost your packaging industry. It satisfies the customers that they are delivered with high-quality packaging.

Print the Colors which Attract Customers:

Colors play an important role in determining the success of your brand. Experimenting with different colors may require time and efforts. An interesting way is to study the color psychology. It clarifies you about the effect of different colors on the mood and behavior of customers.

Most of the top brands make use of color psychology to design their product’s packaging. Packaging industry analysis reveals that about 40% of the customers agree that color is the most influential factor in packaging. The color of the packaging should be such that which matches your brand identity. For example, if you are offering herbal products, keep their packaging natural by using light colors.

If your product is luxurious, go for a bold color scheme which speaks itself. Colors should be eye-catching enough to attract the customers. Whether you choose the bold or light color, each of it has a unique impact on the mind of the consumer.

Never Forget to Upgrade your Printing Machinery:

If you want to obtain consistency in the results of your box printing, review and upgrade your printing machine before it’s too late. Running a printing business for years and not maintaining the machine can cause a decline in its printing quality. With the passage of time, the parts of machinery wear out. So it’s extremely necessary to upgrade it to new technology. This helps you in competing with the market. You may definitely require some capital for it, but the results are worth its cost. You can save your business from future losses by upgrading in at right time.

Interactive Printed Labels: 

Technology has made its ways in the packaging industry as well. Customers are always in the search of something innovative. They want a new type of packaging which fascinates them. The stick-on labels have become old-fashioned. They do not attract the customers anymore.

By introducing technology into your box printing you can get fascinating results. Use interactive labels in your packaging to engage the customers. The use of the QR code provides additional information to the customers. They can scan it using their Smartphone. It directs them to the company’s websites or related product details which have never been possible without it.  Food packaging has incorporated this technology successfully.

As shown in the image, by scanning the interactive label you can experience various exciting features related to it. It attracts the customers by adding an element of fun in packaging. It increases the demand for your packaging. Moreover, the customers get satisfied that they are delivered with high-quality packaging.

Box Printing Techniques:

Innovation is a necessary element in every business. You can boost your packaging industry by introducing new printing techniques. In this way, greater efficiency can  achieve. More attractive packages can be made to inspire customers. Delivering something new than traditional printing can enhance your business sales. Packaging industry analysis reveals that customers  always incline toward the more innovative printing. There are a number of box printing techniques which can make your packaging stand out. Below are some of the most common ones used by The Custom Boxes:


High-quality Offset Printing for Custom Boxes:

The most traditional type of printing is offset or lithography. This technique involves a printing plate. It is normally make from aluminum. It contains the pattern to print. The plate gets ink. It transfers (offset) the image to a rubber blanket which is then print on the required surface. In addition Offset printing can make on any flat material like paper, cardboard or plastic etc. It is normally use in large printing setups. It delivers long-lasting printing designs. A number of custom boxes print each day by offset printing. This gives an alluring look to your packaging and help in boosting the sales. Special glossy or matte finishes apply at the end to enhance the printing results. The Custom Boxes offer custom printing options like raised ink printing, de-bossing, gold or silver foil stamping, and UV coating etc. All such techniques raise the quality of services for our customers.



Flexographic printing is a commonly use printing method in packaging. It has an advantage over offset printing as it can use a variety of inks. Moreover, it can  implement on uneven surfaces like corrugated cardboard. In flexo print, the image make on a rolling printing cylinder and gets ink. The printed surface then rotates to transfer the ink on the required cardboard surface. As it does this by being flexible thus names as flexography. Originally this technique produces low-quality results. But over last few decades much advancement has  made in this field to improve its quality. Flexographic printing can make on different types of material even fabric. It has a fast production thus reducing the overall packaging cost. It is a good printing technique for large or medium runs.


  • Digital Printing:

Further Various packaging manufacturers have started using digital printing. It involves the reproduction of digital images on a surface. The surface can be a photographic film, cloth, plastic or paper. It is one of the most advanced printing techniques as each time a new image can make. Moreever Every impression in digital printing is unique as it does not involve plates which contain a single design at a time. The ink in digital printing directly forms a layer on the surface. This reduces the wastage of ink and chemicals. Moreover, it can produce thousands of digital prints with the same high-quality result in less time. It can work well for small runs as well.



In the past few years, the advancements in box printing have brought great changes in the packaging sector. This has made packaging industry to flourish by leaps and bounds. HoweverWhen customers find something new, it raises the expectation of the customers that what new they are going to get as they shop next time.

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