Finest Finishing techniques for die-cut cardboard boxes



Being unique and standing out in the competitive market is one of the leading mantras of the packaging industry. Die-cut cardboard boxes are a big step toward this motive to develop distinctive, customized packaging that reflects your brand’s stories and customers’ experiences. Die-cut boxes are corrugated cardboard boxes that you may easily customize to meet any shape, size, or demand. They are cut from plain sheets of corrugated material on a die press device, which is why they are known as die-cut boxes. The charm and glory of these boxes can be further intensified by good finishes and press effects that not only elevate your packaging but can also add multiple colors and sizes to your custom boxes. Here we highlight the ten best finishing techniques so that you select the best among them to highlight and elevate your die-cut design.

Embossing of die-cut cardboard boxes

Embossing physically elevates certain areas of the open cardboard box design’s surface. It will impart an opulent, detailed appearance to your packaging. It shows that additional thought and care have gone into your packaging and cardboard sleeve, raising the appeal of your offering and the level of trust you enjoy with customers. These procedures don’t require additional materials, making them a green design choice if you want to make environmentally friendly packaging.

• Debossing

Debossing leaves an imprint that depresses certain areas of your package’s surface. It transforms a flat space into a three-dimensional one. Debossing highlights specific features of your packaging, most notably the space on which you will print your logo. It will showcase your logo and catch consumer attention by highlighting important points. Besides, it enhances the visual appearance of small white cardboard boxes and communicates a high-quality product to consumers.

• Raised lettering

Raised lettering is an additional finishing option for your custom box printing that gives your cardboard boxes for sale texture and dimension. Depending on the finish you wish to apply to your custom printed packaging boxes, it gives off a glossy or matte appearance. So you can easily enhance the beauty of your corrugated box through properly raised lettering.

• Full-color printing

Making your custom box printing stand out is easy with full-color printing. Using this method, you can print your design in infinite color combinations. Therefore, flood printing is an additional branding tool and encourages a more favorable experience for the people who get your product. A sea of basic white cardboard box designs stands out from customized full-color printed boxes. A stunning box is likely to make an impression and ensure that customers remember your business if you haven’t thought of your shipping materials as a component of your branding yet.

• UV printing:

UV printing is the printing effect procedure that involves coating a printed pattern with varnish. Bright, matte, inlaid crystal, glitter powder, etc.), primarily to enhance the product’s brightness and artistic effect and safeguard the product’s surface, hardness, corrosion resistance, and scratch resistance. The main commercial benefits of the UV process are that it gives you innovative ways to highlight how your products differ from others and enhance your brand functionality. UV printing can bring in new clients and offer value-added services to current clients. In addition, UV printing and glazing can occasionally lower production costs compared to alternative methods.

• Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping is an endeavor and-true printing method that can enhance any die-cut cardboard box design. Foil film, metal dies, heat, and pressure are all used in the printing process. Compared to standard packaging, hot foil stamping and other related improvements can help products capture and hold consumers’ attention more quickly.

• Glitter coatings

Any printed object, including gift cards, credit cards, a cardboard box sleeve, retail POP displays, book covers, and greeting cards, can be enhanced with a dense specialty finish known as glitter printing to add pop, sparkle, and elegance to any color. It won’t rub off or flake off like standard flocked glitter that gets everywhere. Instead, it will enhance your brand without competing with it and won’t overpower it.

• Varnishing

A printed object might have varnish, a clear, transparent finish, applied either during or after printing. Therefore, the varnish is frequently put on packaging to prevent fingerprints, smudges, and scuffs. Moreover, it helps to enhance the depth of the colors and general packaging design. But, varnishes have one disadvantage they are not eco-friendly. Thus, a common alternative is gloss UV coating, which is both impact-resistant and protective. In addition, gloss UV coating, as opposed to other types of varnish, gives your custom boxes a higher level of durability. Thus, this is possible if you handle them frequently.

• Scoring lines and laser ending on die-cut cardboard boxes

This method is ideal for giving your die-cut cardboard box customizable folds. So, they can be put together quickly after being created. Even box lids can benefit from this method to open and close smoothly. When you have a design with sub-layers, laser finishing also works well. It ensures that everything lines up precisely.

Matte/Glossy LaminationIt is simpler to read the package since matte lamination has a softer, more natural appearance. It doesn’t reflect as much light as gloss lamination. Gloss lamination provides a considerably shinier appearance to small cardboard boxes that enhances how vivid colors appear. Because it gives the work a sense of elegance and professionalism, it is frequently popular in marketing materials. When you’re trying to sell your goods for a greater price, it may make the packaging look more attractive. They will also look more expensive than their actual prices.

Proper finishing of Die-cut cardboard boxes is very efficient. Therefore, it is essential to produce distinctive custom packaging that eventually becomes a pillar of your brand story. But, do you know which finishing technique for your product will elevate your brand and boost your sales? Hence, here we have summarized the top 10 finishing techniques for die-cut boxes. They have proved to be a helping hand in deciding which technique is the best for your product.

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