How Rigid Boxes Are Best for Packing Macarons on Halloween



Halloween is a time of thrill, horror, and fun. It is a tradition for children to dress up and receive sweet treats. Parties are organized, and adults even dress up however they like. It’s time to have fun and enjoy the horror. Macarons can be given as gifts on Halloween because they are sweet candy people will enjoy. To make the personalized custom rigid box stand out and be eye-catching, you can print a Halloween design on it, which is fantastic. Read on to find out more.

Use of Occasion Base Custom Boxes

You can bake macarons according to the Halloween theme. For example, they can be made like pumpkins. The circle shape remains, and you can add the top of the pumpkin. It will be a pumpkin orange color. Also, add a face. Spiders are also made. Place the legs and eyes on the spider. Macaron can be made into a face with a shocking pose or Frankenstein. These macaroons are perfect for the occasion and look great.

Let people see the artwork you’re hunting for them is a good idea. It can encourage them to try the product. To achieve this, you can buy window rigid packaging boxes in bulk. Clear windows allow people to see the artistic and spooky macarons they want at their parties. Halloween party will be held perfectly when the theme is maintained in all aspects, including the food. The box can also be designed to fit the product inside. There may be an eerie atmosphere around the window.

Use of Engaging Halloween Colors on Custom Boxes

Colour plays a significant role when it comes to packaging. They can influence how people feel. If you want the macaron box to follow the theme, put a Halloween color on it. It includes orange and black. They are the main ones used in the decoration of this mystical event. Purple can be used as an accent color. These colors are cleverly added according to the design and graphics to make the box stand out. For example, you can print a black background with different shades of orange on a rigid packaging box. It would look adorable, especially as a party favor or for the kids to stop by for a snack.

Print Halloween Images on Packaging Boxes

Another essential part of the packaging is the pictures and illustrations you print on the box. If you follow the Halloween theme, you know what image works here. They are usually meant to be creepy. Pumpkins with scary-looking faces are often used. Skulls, witches, haunted nights, graves, and scary-looking trees are examples of the images used.

It is printed on the packaging carton. You have to be innovative here. For example, you can have a 3D pumpkin image with a scary face on a black background. The rigid packaging box will be artistic and have a grave with pumpkins. You can succeed even if you want to keep up with the minimalist trend. Here, for example, the colors orange and black are used with the carved pumpkin pattern. There are many ideas to pursue when it comes to DIY custom magnetic closure rigid boxes. You need to be creative to make your packaging stand out.

Adding Accessories to Custom Boxes

The accessories added to the rigid packaging box make it look even more beautiful. Halloween-related accessories will be included again. You can add dried flowers, cut skeletons, pumpkins, stickers or inserts on boxes.

Print Important Information on Custom Boxes

If you want to include text, make it relevant to the main idea, e.g. be scary. Therefore, the font will look long, crooked, and scary. Remember, it must be legible. The color should not blend with the background, making the text difficult to read. The details may include the product’s ingredients so those with allergies can avoid it if you’re selling a box, including the number of contents, expiration date, etc.

If you’re a brand that sells macarons, it’s a good idea to include your brand’s logo on the box. That way, people can learn about your brand. Contact details can be listed as the country of manufacture. They will promote your product and brand in the store. You might want to include some funny and scary Halloween-related lines. Remember the font details above for easy reading.

Which Custom Packaging Box to Get

The box you receive is just as important as its design. There are many options: thin, wide, long, short, etc. The shape also plays a role. The box can be shaped and carved like a pumpkin. Where the engraving was, it was probably a transparent window allowing the user to inspect the items inside. It will stand out from the crowd. Boxes with handles also work so people can easily hold them.

With the box, it depends on the material. It has to be strong, so it doesn’t break, which will spoil the products. Choose cardboard, corrugated, and kraft paper, as they are meant to be strong and recyclable. Halloween’s best custom packaging boxes are printed just right for the occasion. When designing the custom rigid box, choose colors and images relevant to the event. The shape can also be like this. This packaging will look great, and if you have it as a gift box at your party, guests will be excited to hold it too.

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