How to Use Box Dividers in Cardboard Boxes?



Cardboard packaging is one of the most common practices in the retail industry. Box dividers are a way to organise your products inside a cardboard packaging box. Often used in subscription-based businesses, food and bakery businesses, and e-commerce, packaging dividers help to optimise space inside a cardboard carton.

If you need an organised way to present your products, box dividers are a great option.

In this article, we will discuss the types of box dividers popular in the market and their different uses of it.

Types of Box Dividers

Box dividers are cardboard cut-outs of symmetrical sizes which not only separate the items inside the box but also protects them.

Some of The Common Materials of Box Dividers are:

  • Corrugated Cardboard Dividers- These dividers have an inner fluted material which cushions the items from banging into each other.
  • Paper Board Dividers- These are also made of cardboard sheets. However, like corrugated dividers, they don’t have the fluted layer in between. Usually, they are used to separate lightweight and non-breakable products.
  • Plastic Dividers- Some food products like cookies and chocolates have plastic dividers. This is because paper dividers tend to soak the moisture from the food items.

Uses of Box Dividers in Packaging

When you ship small items inside a cardboard box, they tend to bump into each other. Box dividers are great if you want to prevent scratches and dents in your products.

Box dividers also maximise the space inside the box allowing companies to ship multiple products inside a single cardboard packaging box.

Some of The Major Uses of Box Dividers in The Packaging Industry are:

For Subscription Boxes

Subscription-based businesses often use dividers to send out all the products every month.

A lifestyle subscription company may send out miscellaneous items like skin care, accessories, perfumes, etc. Thus, it makes sense that all the products fit into one box.

Using box dividers also gives an elegant appearance to the packaging. You can customise the compartments according to the sizes and shapes of the products. The packaging looks like a gift. For a subscription box business, presentation is a big factor in packaging.

For Food and Bakery Businesses

We all love desserts. While purchasing a box of chocolate or cookies, you must have seen there are dividers in the box separating the food items. If you were too busy indulging in that deliciousness, you might have missed the little dividers. But, make sure to notice next time!

Bakery and dessert items have a tendency to get smashed against each other. Sometimes, niche chocolate stores create customised boxes. If all the desserts are jumbled inside the box together, it won’t look appealing. The decorations can also get destroyed during transportation.

Usually, strong packaging is used for these boxes. Using cheap storage boxes can ruin the whole presentation.

For The Alcohol Industry

If you order wine, beer, or other alcohol through the internet, you would receive them in a single cardboard box with dividers in them.

These bottles are made of glass, there is a high chance they can break by bumping into each other. Wine bottles are quite delicate and fancy.

Therefore, companies usually divide every bottle using box dividers. These box dividers are either made from high-quality corrugated cardboard or plastic.

For Storing Fragile Items

Things like jewellery, Christmas ornaments, and decorations, always need storage space. Instead of chucking everything into cheap storage boxes, it is useful to keep them in cardboard boxes with dividers.

Fragile items often have variations in shapes and sizes. They are extremely delicate. So, a divider gives you more leeway to access them without breaking them.

You can use parcel boxes for these purposes.

There are other ways you can use carton boxes with dividers. For instance, use them as a DIY kitchen pantry or to store things in your car. These boxes are great for keeping your clothes organised as well.

When it comes to packing multiple products and shipping them, box dividers are an effective solution. However, not all of them are made from good-quality packing materials. Thus, if you are planning on using carton boxes with dividers, buy them from trustworthy suppliers like Globe Packaging. They also make customised cardboard boxes according to your business needs!

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