Why Invest in Liberty Lands Housing Society?



The inauguration of Liberty Lands Lahore, also known as Etihad Town Phase 4, would bring an opulent residential housing development closer to Lahore’s central business district. The project was started by Union Developers, and Liberty Lands Housing Society is situated in an area totaling 373.55 Kanals, with the backside of Lake City at its center. It is suggested that investing in this Society is the finest option.

Liberty Lands Housing: A Well-Known Project

The Liberty Lands Lahore development, which was introduced by the Union developers, has become quite well known. This project has received investments from clients both locally and abroad. You should invest your hard-earned money in Liberty Lands Lahore when you are ready to go forward and satisfied.


A reputed group of developers by the name of Union is behind Liberty Lands Lahore. The Union Developers strive to produce luxury residential and commercial developments that are competitive with global standards. The project Etihad Town Phase 4, also known as Liberty Lands Lahore, is among Union Developers’ best examples of their work.

The goal of Union developers is to upscale real estate and offer luxurious fantasy homes with cutting-edge infrastructure. The outstanding quality of their entire project, which will be headed by an amazing lead designer with exact notions about how to make it all come together pleasantly, is established by the sophisticated designs of their pros.

Facilities and Features of Liberty Lands Lahore

Before purchasing any home, a person will constantly seek amenities that the community will offer. This housing development will offer the following amenities.

  • Amenities for sports like football, cricket, etc.
  • Track for running and gymnasium
  • A first contemporary theme park in Lahore
  • Snooker room, basketball court, and health club
  • Swimming pool, playground
  • Event Lawn, club, and commercial district
  • Supermarkets and ATMs
  • Kids’ park and playground
  • Health centers
  • Lodging and dining and retail stores
  • Services for security
  • Children’s play areas and parks

Advantages and Reasons to Invest in This Project

Affordable Plot Rates

If you want to buy a plot in this beautiful and luxurious society then don’t need to worry! You can get an affordable plot any time. Plots in the housing society are available at affordable prices. One can get plots of every size on installment and according to the budget.

Good Developer Record

The developer of Liberty land are very famous and have a good record of providing residences to the people. They are always admirable due to their reliable work. People would like to buy the property from a good developer.

Prime Location

The ideal location is always the dream of people and buying a house at the perfect location is always beneficial. Liberty land is formed at the ideal location that is best and suitable for the investors. People would more love to buy a plot at liberty due to its location.

Multiple Amnesties and Facilities

As the Liberty Land Housing Society has multiple benefits and many facilities to give benefit to people. It has a garden and playground for its residents and other interesting spots to amuse them. There is also an available hospital and education center facility. People don’t need to go out of the town or area. Most of the problems solve due to the nearby facilities. There is also a contemporary theme park in this housing scheme that is formed on modern trends which help people to enjoy themselves more fully.

Eco-Friendly Environment

A healthy environment is always the dream of people. As it helps people to remain healthy. An eco-friendly environment helps people to retain their mental as well as physical health. This society has a good environment that suits people’s health needs. And also help people to grow better and remain healthy.

Flexible Payment Plan

Its payment plan is flexible as well as good. People love to buy a house in installments. Because most people are unable to make full payment at once. So when the payment plan will be flexible, it helps people more to buy houses on easy installment.


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